Tool Battery Adapter Auxiliary 12-24V Power Supply

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The USA-made molded battery tool docking stations are designed to fit either Dewalt, Makita or Milwaukee 18-20 Volt battery packs. Save money on batteries by using these adaptable USA Amish-made power stations to power 12-24 Volt DC electronics, equipment, and appliances. Great for outdoorsmen to use the same battery packs in tools, for GPS, phones, and other battery-eating gadgets.

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Tool Battery Adapter Auxiliary 12-24V Power Supply
Tool Battery Adapter Auxiliary 12-24V Power Supply Tool Battery Adapter 2-Pole Trailer Connector Tool Battery Adapter 12-Volt Cigarette Lighter Plug Tool Battery Adapter 2.1mm Plug Power Supply Polarity Example of a Positive Center Post


The 12V model comes standard with a cigarette lighter plug only in either a 5 Amp option

24V model options, 2.1 mm straight connector.

The innovative Amish who live off-grid has developed a molded power tool battery pack docking station that will accept three types of the most popular power tool battery packs.

The actual output will be 13 volts and 24 volts, to use on 12-volt and 24-volt systems available in standard 5 Amp.  (Recommend using only the 20 amp battery packs for 15 amp use and the 2-pole trailer plug). Mating 2-pole plug end can be found at most auto part stores if not already attached on the equipment) Make selections using the drop-down boxes. 

All the mm and cigarette lighter connectors assume the center post or red wire as positive for polarity, if you have a negative polarity for the center post please note it in the comment box at checkout. Your current power supply or equipment that uses the mm plugs should have a diagram of a half circle and a center post with lines pointing to the center and outer circle with either + or -, you are looking to be sure the center post is +. See the pictured example of a transformer. (the last picture to the right)

The molded battery pack docking station works just like it does on a power tool to firmly hold the battery in place in any position. It is more than just a black box with some wiring, it contains electronic circuitry that regulates the selected voltage and provides automatic shutdown or warning buzzer when the battery reaches low power limits. The convenient on and off switch is located on the unit.

These units do not recharge the batteries, you will still need a battery charging docking station that comes with the power tools and charges the battery the same way that you charge them. The Amish have multiple battery packs and use either solar charging stations or charge while running generators for short time uses. Battery Pack is also not included as pictured.

All products that we sell carry a 1-year warranty. 

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