Tincture Press 2-Gal, 8-Ton, Oil, Herb, Press

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Extra-large 2-gal capacity 8-ton herb, oil tincture oil extract press.

Substantially increases efficiencies and profitability. Extract 25%-40% more tincture extracts per hour using our hydraulic jack 8-ton force two-gallon tincture press.

Please expect a 3-6 week lead time on these very popular tincture presses.

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Tincture Press 2-Gallon, 8-Ton Oil, Herb, Press
Tincture Press 2-Gallon, 8-Ton Oil, Herb, Press CCW Tincture Hydraulic Press Tincture Extract Press CCW Tincture Herb and Fruit Press CCW Tincture Press Basket Tincture Press Plunger Adjustment CCW Tincture Herb Press CCW Tincture Herb and Fruit Press Options


Considering time and herb cost, you can extract from 25%- 40% more valuable and potent tincture juices over using hand squeeze or screw style presses.

A bottom-mounted bottle jack applies upward pressure against the adjustable stainless-steel plunger. The CCW press configuration provides superior versatility over fixed plunger models as it allows you to adjust and easily readjust for the marc being pressed

The CCW Tincture presses are extremely versatile for a variety of food processing ventures. Extract alternative medicinal tincture and oil extracts from a variety of herbs, plants, fruits, vegetables to make herbal medicines, salves, wine, and fruit juices, using a versatile CCW bottle jack tincture, fruit, and oil, presses. It also makes a great cheesemaking press. Made in the USA by the Amish.

A bottom-mounted bottle jack applies upward pressure against the adjustable stainless-steel plunger. The CCW press configuration provides superior versatility over fixed plunger models as it allows you to adjust and easily readjust for the marc being pressed. At the top-hole setting, the plunger will zero out at the base of the basket. This press can also be used with a woodblock as many tinctures processing videos will show but a woodblock is not necessary with the CCW presses.


  • All 304 Stainless food contact surfaces
  • Heavy-duty construction for home or commercial small-scale herb and oil extract labs
  • Durable powder-coated steel frame (a durable baked-on finish popular for commercial equipment)
  • Spring-loaded return
  • Use freestanding or mount on a bench or stand using mounting holes


  • Tremendous force over traditional screw presses and 6-ton presses to squeeze out every drop of medicinal goodness.
  • Very convenient and easy to use
  • Easy to clean, using the pressing bags with close tolerance plunger allows the pulp, (marc) to be easily pulled out.
  • Use for pressing the juice from apples, berries, grapes, vegetables, pressing the cheese, etc.

Press Basket Options

We offer two different inner press basket types. The standard size tincture basket has 3/16” perforations that work on tinctures, and hard fruits such as chopped apples. For those who will be doing only soft fruits or would like to have the option of doing both tincture and soft fruits we also offer a soft fruit inner press basket with smaller sized 5/64” perforations. Soft fruits such as oranges, bananas, etc. will press the same in the standard basket but, with the amount of pressure, the press bags tend to push through the larger perforations making it more difficult to pull out of the basket and easier to tear the press bag when removing them.

Using the drop-down boxes select standard tincture, soft fruit, or both inner baskets. The selection of either or will not add to the price, selection of both will incrementally add the cost of the second basket to the overall price.

New to pressing juices and extracts? For best results, chop or grind hard fruits, and vegetables to press out the maximum juices. For plant extracts, chop, cut, or mill into small pieces and use a menstruum solvent from a variety of soaking agents such as alcohol, glycerin, water, vinegar, wine, or mixtures thereof to “presoak” (otherwise known as maceration) of the herbs and plants. Place in airtight containers to produce tinctures over a long period of time before they are ready to press. This process will ensure you receive all the benefits and medicinal goodness that they can provide. (Google Menstruum and making tinctures)

The benefits of Amish USA-made products: Aside from their respected reputation of making quality products, the Amish also just do not subscribe to the concept of planned obsolescence or focus on corporate profits. They simply make high-quality functional products using the best non-toxic materials in the anticipation that they will be used for generations by Amish and other families.

The press is equipped with a highly rated Strongway brand bottle jack built-in ISO certified facilities tested for reliability and safety to meet ASME PALD 2009 standards. They are coated with lead-free paint. These jacks have proven superior over other bottle jacks. The bottom mount configuration will never allow any hydraulic fluid to leak and flow down into the tincture as some of the other topsides mounted tincture press configurations that are on the market. This is a rather important factor in choosing a tincture press considering automobile-style bottle jacks were never really designed and tested for use over the top of food-grade processing.

Each press comes with two clear PVC NSF-approved ½” I.D. hoses for beverage and drinking water systems. These hoses can be equipped with locally obtained plumbing tube fittings and jar stoppers (will need to be drilled for fitting) to feed into a glass jug making it a closed system. A jar with a tight-fitting lid may also be drilled so the PVC hose will fit in the top snuggly. Replacement hoses can also be purchased at local hardware stores. You may order more 12” x 16” pressing filter bags using the drop-down boxes. Bags open to about 7-1/2” diameter and the 16” height fits perfectly into the press. You will likely be able to find pressing bags for a much lower cost than we can offer as the Amish shop is not able to obtain them any cheaper.

Pressing times will vary based on the types of material or tinctures being pressed. Some tinctures will take a lot of time and love to produces so taking the time to allow pauses for the tincture to flow should be the focus rather than speed. As a rule of thumb, 10-15 minutes is an average time. In order to get every drop, you will want to repack and make another press on some of the more expensive or most coveted prized tinctures. When complete your marc should be dry as a formed puck. 

Larger and smaller sizes are also available. Click Here to view all our versatile tincture herb and fruit presses. Email us with your custom needs.

Ships UPS oversized dimensional weight.

Presses are made in a small Amish factory and are very popular to keep in stock. Generally, the 20-Ton models are custom made per order may take 3-4 weeks to ship.

Click Here for extra tincture press bags.

Select Standard 60 Mesh Bags or the 160 fine pressing bags. Two bags are shipped with our Tincture Presses. 


  • White Polyester 60 threads per inch
  • 120 Micron Thread Diameter
  • 210 Mesh Thickness
  • 303 Micron Mesh Opening

Fine 160 Mesh Bags


  • White Polyester 160 threads per inch
  • 63 Micron Thread Diameter
  • 105 Micron Mesh Thickness
  • 93 Micron Mesh Opening

Click Here to view our full online self-sufficient general store, full of other high-quality Amish-made products for the home, garden, farm, and ranch.

CCW Tincture Press Specifications: 


Model: CCW FTP2-8

Force Pressure
12" x 15" x 30"H
Approx Weight
55 Lb.
Steel Tube Size
2" x 2" x 1/8" Wall
Return Springs
Zinc Plated Tempered Steel
Plunger Plate
1/4" x 7-3/8" Dia 304 Stainless
Plunger Rod
1" 304 Stainless
Clevis Pin
3/8" hardened Stainless
SS Basket
8-1/4 qt SS 7-7/8" dia x 9-3/4" T
SS Can
12 qt SS 9" dia x 11" T NSF SS
PVC Tubing
Clearflex 70-1 NSF Approved 1/2" I.D., 5/8" O.D.
Bottle Jack
Strongway 8-Ton Commercial Grade Bottle Jack
Food Contact 304 Stainless
Frame Finish
Powder Coated

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