The Wooden Spoon Cookbook

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Here’s an intimate visit to the Amish home and food of 17-year-old Miriam Miller. Miriam’s mom, grandma, and aunts open their recipe boxes here. The spiral-bound 194-page cookbook provides over 500 heirloom Amish family favorites and a generous sprinkling of personal stories.

The Wooden Spoon Cookbook provides recipes for salad dressings, salads, bread and rolls, main dishes, breakfast casseroles, soups, pies, cakes and cookies, candies, and caramel corn.  A special canning section provides instructions and recipes for making and canning meats, sauces, vegetables, fruits, pickles, sandwich spreads, pickles, jelly, and dry mixes. There's even a recipe for homemade root beer.

The Wooden Spoon Cookbook
The Wooden Spoon Cookbook Closeup The Wooden Spoon Cookbook


The book also has a section on homemade cleaning products, soaps, and garden solutions.

If you have ever grazed over an Amish restaurant buffet and salad bar and wanted to get the recipes, this book has it all, from our favorite broccoli salad, potato salad, main dishes, to the wonderful puddings and deserts. 

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