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The Dairy Record | Complete Dairy Paper-Diary-Journal

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Record-Keeping made easy for the busy Dairyman.

This old-fashioned paper journal provides detailed information for up to 60 cows in a dairy cow herd. You will be able to jot down each cow’s complete history and production utilizing the worksheets provided in this journal.
Keep track graph important information such as date of birth, lactation periods, the size of calves, amount of milk produced, butterfat, protein, vaccinations, and worming.
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Keep it simple, keep it manageable, but keep it up. An accurate index of your herd is essential in evaluating the performance of your cows. 

The Dairy Record enables the serious dairyman to organize his herd records with a minimum effort.
The Dairy Record has the following sections:
  • Lactation Charts
  • Breeding Charts
  • Semen Inventory
  • Gestation Chart
  • Vaccination Record
  • Worming Records
  • Milk Weight Barn Sheets
  • Bulk Tank Summary
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