T-14 Pull-Out Wooden Bowl Nesting Trays | 14PK

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Fits the Troyer style T-14 Martin Houses with compartments up to 6.5” Wide X 11” Long. The actual tray size is ¼” smaller on the overall width and length to allow for easy in and out.

One of the neatest and cleanest ways to maintain a T-14 Martin House. These trays complement the T-14 crank down Martin Houses.

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T-14   Pull-Out Wooden Bowl Nesting Trays | 14PK
Pull-Out Wooden Bowl T-14 Nesting Trays T-14 nest tray clean out T-14   Pull-Out Wooden Bowl Nesting Trays | 14PK


Trays pull out like drawers to easily count eggs and check on the nesting progress. Nest trays also provide for easy cleanout of old nest materials leaving the actual compartment clean.

No need to reach into scrape-out stuck-on material to potentially infect an open finger or hand on a nail or screw covered with bird droppings.

We particularly like the nest tray concept as we are able to dust the compartment with Seven dust to prevent infestations for the upcoming season and then reinsert the trays with a layer of fresh pine needles for the late-arriving martins.

We also like the bowl design made of wood versus plastic or cardboard trays. The bowl shape cutout makes a more natural habitat for the Martin nest and requires less material over a flat bottom box or the floor of the compartment.

Trays also include inside standing perch.

Priced as and set to ship 14 trays per case for the T-14 Martin House

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