T-14 Martin House Post Top Pulley

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Hard to find pulley, bolt, washers, and lock nut, for T-14 Martin House winch systems.
Save gas and time and do not let frugality get in the way of finding the correct pulley for your T-14 project. 
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T-14 Martin House Post Top Pulley
T-14 Martin House Post Top Pulley


We have been there and got that shirt. Thinking we could just run down to the local hardware store and purchase a pulley for our T-14 projects we soon found out that we were burning more time and gas than it was worth.  

After multiple stops, we never found the correct size and ended up with a smaller one and then eventually buying this one.
The problem is that pulleys being sold in local stores are either too wide to fit in the narrow notch out at the top of the post or they were under 4”.  
Using a wider pulley will require making the notch wider leaving a little meat on the sides for the bolt assembly. Using a smaller pulley will not align the cable correctly going into both sides of the pulley assembly. As we found out with a 3” pulley our cable was dragging into the post on both sides and had to be redone using the correct 4” pulley.
Select either the traditional 4” bolt for a wood post or the new aluminum 3” post mount using the drop-down box at the top of the page.  

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