Stutzman Low Gluten-Low Sodium Organic Pancake Mix 25lb

The perfect wholesome mix if you need to watch wheat and or sodium in the diet.

Stutzman Low Gluten-Low Sodium Organic Pancake Mix offers Low Gluten-Low Sodium at 36.8 mg and only 144.7 Calories per 1/4 cup serving!

Powder mix is blended with organic spelt flour, buckwheat flour, cornflour, aluminum-free baking powder, and real salt.

Just add milk, egg, and butter.

Stutzman Pancake Mix is sold in 25 lb. bags.

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Description / Stutzman Low Gluten-Low Sodium Organic Pancake Mix 25lb

Grain products ship directly off an Amish farm that does not provide electronic tracking numbers. Tracking numbers are manually available if needed. Please allow 7-10 days shipping.

Please limit to 50 lbs per order as UPS does not calculate for an additional box being shipped.

Will taste much like buckwheat pancakes and make dark brown pancakes or waffles. The addition of spelt and cornflour in the mix does reduce the taste of traditional buckwheat flour, for those who may not like its full flavor. Fruit toppings or jelly really makes a tasty treat on either pancakes or waffles.

Because this mix contains only spelt flour, buckwheat flour, and cornflour it may be a good alternative for some who have wheat allergies.

Spelt is a cousin to the wheat crop, it contains low gluten many with wheat allergies can tolerate spelt, buckwheat is actually a berry crop and is gluten-free as well as cornflour.

The mix is processed in an Amish mill with wheat products.

 About Stutzman Farms

Cottage Craft Works is proud to provide such a high-quality supply of bulk organic foods. These foods are processed on an Amish family-run farm that has been growing all organic for over six decades.

If you're looking for a high-quality certified organically grown grains to mill yourself or to purchase milled flours then you have found the place to purchase them in bulk.

Stutzman Family Farms has grown organic grains in the Ohio rolling hills of Holmes County for over 60 years. Long before organic certification ever existed the Stutzman family has practiced organic soil management to obtain rich fertile soil and high-quality grains throughout their Amish heritage.

Stutzman Farms is organically certified through the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association (OEFFA). The Stutzman family processes a variety of natural organic grains.

Food processing from the organic grains is completed on the Stutzman Farms. These facilities are routinely inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

All grains and grain products processed on the Stutzman Farms are organically grown.

Stutzman Farms specializes in growing and harvesting Spelt, Wheat, Oats, Rye, and Corn on Ohio Amish Farms using the old-time planting and harvesting methods.

Grains such as Amaranth, Barley, Long Grain Brown Rice, Buckwheat, and Golden Flax Seed may not adapt well to the Ohio climate.  In this case, these grains may be grown in limited supply or supplemented by other organic growers from across the United States. These organic growers may consist of other Amish organic farmers as well as Non-Amish traditional organic farmers.  

Grains are stored and processed right on the farm. Each order is hand filled right from the farm storage facilities.

Despite their Amish back-to-basics heritage, the Stutzman family keeps up with the modern needs of health consciences eaters.  They now offer sprouted grain products and keep improving their processing and machinery to provide the highest quality products available in any health food store.

Orders are still processed in the old fashion way and shipped directly from the Amish farm in Ohio. Please allow a few extra days for your order to arrive.

Because the Amish farm is not computerized, we do not have electronic tracking to automatically update your order status from processing to ship. Orders are shipped using the old-style UPS book. Manual tracking numbers are kept at the farm should we ever need to trace a package.

Our Amish grain products are very popular with many repeat customers.

Please note our 50 lb. limit on shipping: UPS, unfortunately, does not calculate the second box when orders exceed 50 lbs.

For this reason and in order to keep our overall prices low for now, we have to limit 50 lbs. two each 25 lb. bags per order.  We are sorry for this inconvenience as we have researched all other alternatives and will continue to do so. 

While eating whole grains and grain products are generally recommended by healthcare professionals for all the known health and nutrition benefits, some people may develop adverse reactions leading to serious and life-threatening allergic reactions or complications within the digestive system or bowel tract.

People who are new to whole grains or a specific new grain product should complete their own research to learn more about how it is digested, the health benefits, and the risks to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Even then new grains and products should be used in small amounts until the person can see how they will tolerate the product.

People with an already known digestive tract and bowel complications should consult a physician before embarking on a new whole grain enriched diet. Some of the products made from whole grains are water-insoluble and may bulk up and block an already partially obstructed bowel.

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Stutzman Low Gluten-Low Sodium Organic Pancake Mix 25lb
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