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Sportsman Peeper John Urinal

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The Sportsman Peeper John is versatile, compact, easy to install, and use requires minimal maintenance. No more sacrificing yourself from that delicious cup of coffee or hesitating to drink that bottle of water!

No longer will you have to worry about contaminating the environment around your blind with your urine scent! Keep your hunting space scent-free and clean with The Sportsman Peeper John!

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Sportsman Peeper John Urinal
Sportsman Peeper Takes Up Little Space Sportsman Peeper Mounts through the wall Sportsman Peeper  Sportsman Peeper Drains Underground Sportsman Peeper Perfect For Blinds Sportsman Peeper John Urinal


Easily connects to ¾” PVC pipe, comes with the first coupling. The Sportsman Peeper John Urinal quickly mounts in a 1-1/2” hole and secures with one Stainless Steel screw provided. 

The urinal comes with a plastic lid. The recommended installation utilizes a ¾” PVC pipe (friction fitted) running down into a buried upside-down plastic coffee or similar can. Having the can buried prevents the scent of urine from contaminating your hunt site.

You will need to provide a spray bottle to mix a ratio of one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water.  

To use lift off the plastic lid, and when finished simply spray the bleach water mixture to disinfect for multiple users or to keep urine odors from developing in the blind.

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