Single and Double Fireside Pie Irons

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Most will remember using these at the fireside to make S’mores, a simple recipe using graham crackers a chocolate candy bar, and a large marshmallow. 

You can rekindle those childhood memories plus add these new recipes to use fireside pie irons for more than just making S'mores for dessert. 
Single and Double Fireside Pie Irons
Double Fireside Pie Irons Single Fireside Pie Irons Fireside Pie Irons Single and Double Fireside Pie Irons


Pizza Pies

Bread, Pizza sauce, Ham slices, Cheese slices, Pepperoni, Chopped onions, and Fried Hamburger.
Spray pie irons with cooking spray and place a slice of bread on each side of the pie iron. Spread pizza sauce and add the other ingredients. Close and cook over fire until toasted on both sides.

Breakfast Pie
Bread, Bacon, Eggs, Milk, Cheese, Peppers, Onions, Sausage, and Pizza Sauce (optional).
Cook the bacon and sausage in the irons until fully cooked or use pre-cooked meats. Remove and pour off excess grease. Beat eggs and milk as you would to make scrambled eggs and then cook in iron. Remove and spray irons with cooking spray. Place slices of bread on each side, spread pizza sauce if desired, and then add other ingredients, fold and cook over a fire.

Hobo Fruit Pies
Bread, Desired Fruit or Pie Filling, Soft Cream Cheese, Powdered Sugar, and Butter.
Heat the irons to melt and coat the inside with butter. Place a slice of bread on each side followed by a little cream cheese and pie filling.  Close the irons and cook until golden brown. Remove, cut diagonally and then roll in powder sugar. Let cool before serving as pie filling will be very hot.
Our fireside pie irons come in single or double. Irons are priced as a single, select double to see the incremental price increase. 
Single iron measures 4 x 4 and the double measures 8-1/2 x 4  
Features long handle with wooden ends to protect from the heated metal parts. Handles have a locking feature to prevent accidental opening.
Threaded metal rods screw into cast iron cooking chamber. These are heavy-duty compared to some of the cheaper ones being sold in discount stores.

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