Rubber Treadle Sewing Machine Belt

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Universal 73” ¼” cut to fit rubber tube sewing machine treadle belt with a metal barb.

Premium treadle belts are made by the Amish for Amish family heavy sewing needs. The thick wall rubber and metal barb connector will last for years. Some rubber belts that we have seen elsewhere use a thinner wall tube and plastic barbs.

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Rubber Treadle Sewing Machine Belt
Rubber Treadle Sewing Machine Belt


Cut to length and insert the barb into the opposite end. The metal barb holds so well that if you need to shorten the belt, it will require slicing one side of the bard with a razor blade to remove.

Several YouTube videos have been made on the installation of treadle belts. Just Google installing a sewing treadle belt.

We are often asked which is better a leather treadle belt or rubber? It comes down to a Ford-Chevy discussion and depending on who you talk to which one they like. These belts have become immensely popular in the Amish communities to the point some of the Amish stores no longer carry the leather belts.

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