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Rollaway Egg Nest Box 48 Inch | Community | Front & Rear Trays

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Rollaway Nesting boxes provide a cleaner more sanitary environment, increase production, protect eggs from damage, and reduce labor time.

USA Amish manufactured using heavy-gauge metal! 
Easily converts to either a front or rear collection tray.  
The rear collection is perfect for compact chicken tractor houses with limited inside space to enter and collect the eggs.
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Measures 48-1/2" wide x 21-1/4" tall 13-1/2" deep not including the tray and 22" with an 8-1/2" tray on the front or back.

These commercial-grade chicken nesting boxes have been a proven design for over a decade of use by commercial and backyard egg productions within the Amish communities. We found them on a tour and just had to add this high-quality Amish-made nest box to our product offerings. 

Originally designed from much larger community nesting boxes used in commercial egg operations. The open community concept uses none of the traditional nesting boxes with dividers.
These smaller community nesting boxes take up little space yet, they will handle a lot of chickens. The 48-inch nest is recommended for up to 45 chickens although actual users have witnessed much more using it. In fact, those who were using this community nest box in combination with a more traditional nest box with dividers soon found that the majority of their chickens were gravitating over to the community nest and soon had to purchase additional units.
Heavy-duty 24-gauge galvanized metal will hold up to long hard use. Simple bolt-together assembly uses no rivets and there are no plastic parts to break. Brackets used on the roost and sides are made from 18-and 20-gauge galvanized metal.
Enclosed back makes the nesting boxes capable of being used freestanding on concrete blocks, or with the eye rings mounted on a wall of open fence partition.
The open concept allows for larger breeds to nest over conventional nesting boxes. Opening height is 8-1/2” tall that expands from 15” up to 18” after the chicken is inside the box. The nest box is 12” deep.
Turning the tray around for rear collection makes it ideal for outside egg collection in small chicken tractors or chicken houses where it is more difficult to go inside to collect the eggs.
Rollaway nest boxes allow the chickens to lay their eggs, but instead of staying in danger of being messed on, stepped on, or eaten the eggs roll into a covered protected collection tray.
The community rollaway nest box utilizes a special laying mat that will last a long time. The mat is washable and easy to remove and replace. The mat rest on a galvanized 1” x 1” wire mesh.
Order an additional laying mat using the drop-down box at the bottom of the page if you would like to rotate mats as one is being washed.
The specially designed vinyl flaps resemble a natural nest opening. They also darken the inside which seems to help the chickens feel more secure and hidden.  This will encourage them to use the nest instead of laying eggs on the floor or elsewhere. 
The roost lifts to access the egg tray on the front collection model. The egg collection tray has a hinged cover to protect the eggs until they can be collected. The roost can also be left up to block the chickens from entering the nest box.
Cottage Craft Works has established a solid history of providing high-quality rollaway nesting boxes.
We also offer our most popular rollaway nest boxes in 2, 4, and 8 compartment models with traditional dividers as well as the Colony open community concept nest boxes like this one that do not require a laying mat. These are also heavy-duty for commercial use but are priced more economical for non-commercial use. Click Here to see all our poultry house products.  
What our customers say about the 48" Rollaway Community Nest Box.
We are very happy with the nest box. We are working on our plans and will contact you to order 9 more and figure out the best way to ship to Hawaii. 
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