Reproduction 28 Inch Industrial Cast Table Legs

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Beautiful stunning industrial-look cast aluminum table legs. USA reproductions of antique cast iron table legs are perfect for building dining trestle tables.

Build beautiful tables with a stunning industrial look using cast aluminum legs. These table legs are at the perfect height for dining, work, and desk tables for a sitting position. Add your tabletop and have an instant beautiful table with a sturdy industrial look.

Sold in pairs, each table leg is 28” Tall x 18” across the top and 24” wide across the bottom. These legs are 2-1/4” thick with the top mounting plate 18” x 4-1/4” wide. Four slotted mounting holes spaced at 14” center to center allow 1-1/4” adjustments for tabletop mounting.

Priced unfinished. Select finished black using the drop-down box to see the incremental price difference.

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Reproduction 28 Inch Industrial Cast Table Legs
Reproduction 28 Inch Industrial Cast Table Legs Reproduction 28 Inch Industrial Cast Table Legs


You get the amazing look of these beefy reproduction antique cast iron table legs with only a fraction of the weight of the original cast iron. Cast aluminum construction makes them perfect to use on all types of floors without the worry of weight and being able to move them around. Recommend felt padding for wood and vinyl floors to prevent scratching.

These table legs are available in many different heights making them ideal for all types of tables and work centers.  Sturdy bolt-on construction with the option of using a cross-tie rod member to prevent cross-swaying on long tables.

Mounting bolts are not included because of the various thickness of materials that may be used. Recommend using wider stringer boards bolted to the tops of the legs using counter sunk bolts and then gluing and screwing the stringer boards to the underside of your tabletop. Some use threaded inserts screwed into the tabletops and then bolts however, on a long table these can pull out of the holes as the legs will act as levers against them with any side-to-side movement.

Recommend the optional stringer tube that goes between the legs to stabilize side-to-side stress. Especially on long tables. Purchase separately based on the length and shipping cost.  Click Here to view all sizes of stringer tubes as well as our bench and table legs.

Select unpainted to finish or black using the drop-down boxes. Use a felt tip paint pen to highlight the Made in USA raised letter stamping on each leg.


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