Purple Martin House Winch Kit

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Troyer T-14 Purple Martin House Winch Mounting Kit.

Everything you need to mount your T-14 Purple Martin House to a locally purchased CCA-treated post. 

Includes the hard-to-find pulley, safety pin, winch, cable, chain, and paddle lock to secure the winch, and other mounting hardware.

All this extra safety stuff is important. The safety pin goes into the pole where you can comfortably reach it. Should the cable come loose from the houses as they are being lowered the pin will stop the houses from crashing on down on top of you.

The paddle lock and chain keep the handled locked so that neighbor kids don't come along and want to see how the winch works.

Purple Martin House Winch Kit
Purple Martin House Winch Kit Drilled Powered Worm Gear Winch Purple Martin Break Winch Purple Martin House Winch Kit


Upgrade to a winch with brake or worm gear by using the drop-down boxes. These winches provide additional safety should you ever need to let go of the winch handle when the house is being lowered. The gear winch provides more leverage for a senior or lady to handle.

We discovered this the hard way when a nest of hornets set up a summer camp in the back of the houses and were not very happy to be disturbed. Once you let go of a stranded winch it freewheels and spins out of control until the houses reach the bottom.

Note: The worm gear winch does not have the traditional hand crank. It will come with a socket to use in a 3/8" or larger cordless drill. The Amish have found this works faster than the old hand crank and does not require the removal or chaining up of the hand crank for children's safety.

The optional cable guide holds the cable close to the pole just above the winch to help guide the cable on the drum.

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