Purple Martin House Plan Book

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Complete Plan Book To Build The Most Popular Amish Troyer T-14 Purple Martin House.

The Troyer T-14 plan is a 44-page booklet that contains 100 photos and 20 diagrams detailing how to build your own wooden house, incorporating the latest design innovations. 

Includes Purple Martins Landlords 10 Commandments for successful martin attraction, plans for making slide-out nest drawers, and instructions for hanging and putting access doors on gourds.

Purple Martin House Plan Book
Purple Martin Bowl Nesting Tray Installing T-14 Martin Houses Assembly Of The T-14 Martin Houses Building T-14 Martin Houses Purple Martin House Plan Book


We built two T-14 houses using the plan book and found it easy to follow. The Purple Martins were in the houses the very next day, mostly ignoring the standard aluminum houses they used over the past few years. This indicated to us that the T-14 Purple Martin House is a proven design and why the Amish widely use this type of house. 

It also became clear the winch construction allows easy up and down to check and chart the progress during the spring season. A serious Purple Martin landlord will chart progress weekly and then year by year they will log the number of Martins hatched in each compartment.

The Plan book shows you how to construct the wood nesting boxes, we do sell a new bowl design nesting tray, a 14 tray set under our Purple Martin Houses & Kits tab, or CLICK HERE for more information.

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