Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Drainer Board

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Our powder-coated all-aluminum drainboard is small and compact for limited kitchen counter spaces. Perfect for apartments, RV’s, and summer cottages. 

Custom colors are also available for retro décors! Just like our popular larger stainless drainboards, this one tilts from 1-1/4” on the back and slopes 20-3/8” into the sink. Even with a raised sink edge, this drainboard will keep the counter dry. This positive drain design is just not found in regular stores.

Customers have been so happy to find our drain boards because they have been so frustrated with the common flat drainer boards that simply allow water to run back underneath and damage their countertops.
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Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Drainer Board
Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board | Drainer Board Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board Using Drain Rack Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board Drying Flatware Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board Side View Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board Powder Coated Kitchen Sink Drain Board Color Options


Use it with a drain rack (not included but pictured with to demonstrate), or use it openly for pots, pans, and long utensils.

Drainboard measures 14-1/4” wide and 20-3/8” Long. (The long side is the drain side sitting on the sink edge) The drainboard provides a 14-1/4” x 15-3/4” open area for a drain rack.  At the 15-3/4” mark the channel side angles taper down to a 7” wide area at the edge of the sink for the drain out.
This drainboard also has an angle bar welded back ¾” under the 7” drain out to sit down into the sink. Because it is a small drainboard made of aluminum this bar helps to keep the drainboard from being pushed back away from the sink.
This is an open-back drainboard meaning it does not have a back edge like the sides.
The standard color is stocked in white. Beige and gray are also available, please allow an additional 2 weeks to ship. A wide range of other bright custom colors is also available for the bold or retro décor look. Just e-mail us with what you have in mind and we will get you a quote.
Powder coating is a rather durable baked-on painting process that is commonly used in many products. It is much more scratch and resistant to water than regularly painted surfaces. It can be scratched if sharp objects are dragged across the surface. No worry if it does since the aluminum will not rust.
Compared to our commercial-style stainless drain boards this aluminum drainboard is more of an economical alternative for compact spaces. Click Here to see our most popular Stainless Steel drainboard for comparison.

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