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Nutri Steamer | Steam Cooker | Steam Juicer

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Back-To-Basics Old Fashioned Steam Cooker, Juicer!

The original Nutri Steamer that we carried here has been discontinued and replaced by Lindy's 12-qt Steam Cooker.

Probably one of the most popular cooking pots for the back-to-basics healthy lifestyle home kitchen. This multi-tasking pot provides options to use as a steam cooker, steam juicer, colander, soup pot, and roaster.

Use as a vegetable steamer, pasta cooker, rice cooker, stockpot or for other food steaming

Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel

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Nutri Steamer | Steam Cooker | Steam Juicer Lindy's steamer, Cooker, Juicer VKP1140 Steamer-Juicer Rice Steamer Vegetable Steamer Stock-Pot-Steamer-Blancher Use As A Stock Pot Steamer Basket-Colander Steamer Base-Stock Pot Steam Cooker | Steam Juicer Basket Stock-pot-steamer-colander-juicer Steamer-Juicer Additional Hose and Clamp


Made of 18/8 Stainless Steel, you can now steam your way to healthy, natural juices and delicious home-cooked meals with this versatile cookware set. We enjoy one-pot meal cooking year-round using either the stockpot or adding sausage, potatoes, and carrots in the bottom and then cabbage wedges in the colander to absorb the unique flavors as it all cooks to perfection. Then in the fall, we process the grape juice from our harvest.

VKP1140 features:

Bottom Water Pan (Stock Pot)-8qt

Juice Kettle-4qt/Same


Steam Juicer-Hot steam opens the fruit cells, allowing the juice to collect in the juice kettle. Sixty minutes later, pure juice concentrate is drained for juices, jellies, and syrups. Use as a steamer for rice, vegetables, fish, etc. Foods turn out tender and tasty, not soggy, or overcooked.

Soup Pot/Roaster-The bottom pan is ideal for boiling and stewing or roasting and baking. The aluminum-clad bottom heats fast and holds heat. Works on smooth top stoves including induction ranges.

Steamer-Insert doubles as a colander for hot spaghetti-washed lettuce or garden produce. Plus steamer blanches foods for canning and freezing.


Assembled Height: 15-1/2"

Width Including Handles 15-1/2"

Water Pot Diameter: 15-1/2" 

Juice Kettle Diameter: 11-13/16"

Colander Top Diameter: 11-13/16"

Colander Bottom Diameter: 9-1/2"

Lid Diameter: 10-5/8"

Lid Height" 3-3/8"

Add extra Steamer Hose & Clamp $5.  

This is an imported product replacement for the original Nutri Steamer, which was also sold under the Victorio name, some existing stock may still be labeled as such.

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