No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap

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A very effective USA Made Professional No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap. Provides control of house sparrows that have invaded barns, porches, equipment sheds, and airplane hangars. Protects equipment, engines, drainpipes from being clogged with nesting materials and corrosive splattered droppings.

Used in the shadows under bushes and structures where sparrows tend to congregate this trap has a proven history of capturing up to 100 sparrows a year.

All USA Made using heavy gauge powdered coated wire on an all-metal framework with ground smooth edges. A good trap for commercial pest control, farmers, and airport groundskeepers.

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No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap
No Escape Sparrow Ground Trap No Escape House Sparrow Ground Trap English Sparrow Ground Trap


Overall measures 12” x 12” x 24”

The trap is self-priming, no decoys are required for sparrows but may be helpful in attracting other non-desirable birds. No moving parts to jam or wear out, this trap is made for trouble-free long-term use.

Start with a board large enough to sit the trap on that will allow a 4”-6” space at the trap entrance for the birds to land on. Keep a spread of cracked corn or white millet across the board without the trap. In a few weeks after they have become well accustomed to the new feeding spot, place the trap on top of the grain supply. Leave the board sticking out as the front porch so that they will be enticed to come inside for their daily feast. Move the trap around to different locations to find the most effective location.

The trap is equipped with two doors to reach in and remove birds. It also has a handy carry handle for transport for catch and release in remote areas. The trap is made so that it can be submerged into water for drowning in jurisdictions that don’t prohibit it or placing it in a trash bag to spray starter fluid inside to humanely euthanize.

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