New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts

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Aftermarket New Idea 329 sheller unit parts are being remanufactured by the Amish to maintain New Idea vintage corn harvesting equipment within the Amish communities for harvesting.

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New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts
New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts New Idea 329 Sheller Unit Parts


It would be data-prohibitive to list each individual part with shipping. Therefore, shipping & handling is based on an average purchase of a few parts. We do charge a minimum $19.95 flat base rate on all items regardless of the size. This is to cover the cost of processing, packing, drop-ship, and actual shipping charges.

Additional shipping may be required for larger orders. We will let you know if additional shipping will be needed. If you checkout using PayPal we can send you an invoice if needed. Otherwise, we will also need to have credit card information as our system does not store it with the order.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Since parts ship directly from an Amish-owned business without computers, please expect some orders to take up to two weeks for the order to reach the Amish shop, have shipping verified, and additional shipping collected, before they will ship.

329 Available Parts (Not all the available part pictures are shown)

329 Sides and Bottom

#25 308380 Auger Trough

329 Main Drive

#16 308308 Extension Spring 7” long

#28 308421 Jackshaft, 1-1/8" O.D. x 48" long

#51 308302 V-Belt, HC section, effective length 124.6”

#52 308312 Pulley Sheave, 10.2 O.D. Splined Bore 

#57 308314 Pulley Sheave, fan driver 1-1/8” I.D. x 12” O.D.

#53 309072 10” Pulley

329 Auger Gear Box

#1 308056 Chain Shield

#4 308057 Chain Cover

329 Auger and Throwout

#26 E380 Sliding Clutch

#29 308316 14 tooth sprocket assembly for No. 2050 chain

#45 308122 Shield

329 Shaker Shoe

#31 308318 Flat screen, 7/16 x 7/8" slot, 30-15/61" x 60-9/16" long, slot has 5/8" spacing, standard      

329 Cylinder Cage 

#31 308432 25 tooth double sprocket, splined, for #50 - 2 drive chain

329 Fan

#12 308301 V-Belt HB section, effective length 116.7”

#20 308165 Fan Bottom Sheet (Call for Pricing)

#26 308407 Bottom Extension

329 Discharge Auger

# 4 308129 18 tooth sprocket for #50 roller chain  

#8 308121 Bearing Housing

#12 304208 Discharge Auger Paddle

#16 308336 Chute assembly

#17 K4598 Spring 

#26 308335 Wrapper assembly

#27 308333 Auger tube assembly       

#30 303180 Discharge Auger Clamp    

#31 308058 Clamp Assembly

329 Hood Adapters

#10 308498 Corn Slide Front

#11 308497 Corn Slide R.H.

# 12 308018 Hood side assembly, L.H.

#13 308483 Rear hopper panel

#14 308013 Hood Side Assembly

#15 308496 Trash slide

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