New Idea 324, 325 Corn Picker Main Drive Gear Case

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Aftermarket New Idea 324 & 325 vintage double row corn picker main drive gear case and beater parts. Parts are being remanufactured by the Amish to maintain these vintage corn pickers within the Amish communities for harvesting.

Priced a la carte, using the drop-down boxes. Select the parts needed and the prices will incrementally add for each part(s) selected. To select more than one part in the same drop-down box, select one to add to the cart, and then select continue shopping to add more parts. To deselect click on "Please Select" again.

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New Idea 324, 325 Corn Picker Main Drive Gear Case
New Idea 324, 325 Corn Picker Main Drive Gear Case


It would be data-prohibitive to list each individual part with shipping. Therefore, shipping & handling is based on an average purchase of a few parts. We do charge a minimum $19.95 flat base rate on all items regardless of the size. This is to cover the cost of processing, packing, drop-ship, and actual shipping charges.

Additional shipping may be required for larger orders. We will let you know if additional shipping will be needed. If you checkout using PayPal we can send you an invoice if needed. Otherwise, we will also need to have credit card information as our system does not store it with the order.

Since parts ship directly from an Amish-owned business without computers, please expect some orders to take up to two weeks for the order to reach the Amish shop, have shipping verified, and additional shipping collected, before they will ship.

Available Main Drive Gear Parts

#3 K 5010 Oil Seal 1-1/4” I.D. x 1-3/4” O.D. x 3/8” Thick

#5 K 3548 Bearing Cup 2-21/64” O.D.

#6 K 3549 Bearing Cone 1-1/4” I.D.

#13 301536 Sprocket 7 Tooth 1-1/4” Splined (Husking)

#13 303359 Sprocket 14 Tooth 1-1/4” Splined (Husking) (314 Sheller)

#16 K 1618 Bearing Cup 2-1/2” O.D.

#19 301535 Male Flexible Half Coupling, 1-1/4” I.D. Splined

#20 301576 Female Flexible Coupling, 1-1/4” I.D. Splined

#27 K 4583 Oil Seal 1-11/16” I.D. x 2-5/8” O.D. x ½” Thick

Upper Beater Parts

#6 010068 Upper Bushing 1-1/16” I.D.

#10 30041 Chain Slide

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