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Model 800 Express Wagon

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Old Fashioned Amish USA Made Kids Express Wagon. Makes a perfect yard and garden chore wagon.

 Amish Model 800 Express Wagon Features:

  1. Automobile style turn steering
  2. 410/350 x 4” pneumatic tires
  3. Bed size 22” x 43”

 Load Capacity 800 Lbs.

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Model 800 Express Wagon
Model 800 Express Wagon


Growing up in the 50s and 60s just about every boy and even some girls just had to have a little wagon. These wagons became imaginary army jeeps, tanks, race cars, and whatever the child might dream of doing someday.

As the child grew older many pulled them along the newspaper route or to the store. Parents used them in place of modern-day strollers to take the family to the county fair. 

As times changed and electronic gadgets took over a child’s interest the little wagon lost popularity except in the Amish sustaining communities where kids still live without electronics.

Cheaper imported wagons just were not holding up for the Amish kids so the Amish began to build their own line of wagons as reproductions of the old fashion Express Wagon. These wagons are built just like they were in the 50s and 60s and are heavy-duty enough to be used in farm and garden applications.

We have many other Amish built wagons for kids starting at under $200 including covered wagon tops, cooler racks, and cushions. Click Here for more info.

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