Milk Can Water Cooler

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Amish milk can water cooler; these old-fashioned milk can coolers were the main source of milk cooling before rural America became electrified and bulk tank storage was made available.

Brand new USA Amish manufactured. The milk can water cooler is perfect for the off-grid homestead or hobby farm to cool single 10-gallon cans of milk.

Ashland Kuhler milk can coolers utilize a low-pressure cool well or spring water to cool a single 10-gallon milk can. 

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Milk Can Cooler
Milk Can Cooler Milk Can Garden Hose Cooler


The cooler would go over a 9 1/2'' OD. can at the max. & min. of 7 3/4'' ID.

Water is introduced through the top 5/8” ball valve. The water flows through the 304 stainless tubing to cool the milk inside and back out the top where it spins a turbine to turn the main mixer paddle to churn the milk. Perforated holes around the top then allow the water to evenly flow over the outside of the milk can to provide additional outside cooling.


  1. Food grade heavy gauge 304 stainless steel construction
  2. Safe silver soldered joints (no lead)
  3. Low maintenance, made to last
  4. Easy flow brass ball valve for 5/8” water hose connection
  5. Cools fast with low water consumption
  6. Will operate on low water pressure or gravity flow with only a 10’ drop
  7. Comes with instructions, a thermometer, and a cleaning brush.
  8. Use totally off the grid with no other power required.

Please note: You will need to do your own research on safe milk cooling temperatures and processing including the cleaning and sanitizing of the milk can cooler between uses. The milk can cooler is sold for small individual family use and is not intended for commercial milk processing. The Amish manufacturer or Cottage Craft Works will not assume responsibility for the improper processing of milk. This is one link that discusses the use of a milk can cooler.

Milk can water coolers are made in a small remote Amish shop without a phone or fax. Please allow 4-8 weeks for shipping.

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