LED Orange Safety Vest | Construction | Law | Bicyclist | Jog

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Lighted LED blaze orange reflective safety vest. This may just be the best investment for the safety of a loved one and family breadwinner ever made!

For those who work around, ride on a highway right of way, or are subject to being in congested traffic areas wearing a reflective safety vest is a must.   
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LED Orange Safety Vest | Construction | Law | Bicyclist | Jog
LED Orange Safety Vest | Construction | Law | Bicyclist | Jog


Recent accidents with fatalities suggest that the traditional reflective strip vest may no longer provide the level of safety as it once did.

The reflective strips are dependent on the lights of oncoming traffic at rather short distances.  
If a driver or operator is distracted by a text or other disruption just for a split second that may just be enough eyes off the road time for them to not see the reflective strips until it is too late.
In contrast, the smallest flashing LED light can be seen for a very long distance. Bicycles equipped with the smallest red flashing LED light at night can appear to be a law enforcement officer or other emergency vehicle pulled to the side of the road.
This creative safety vest has incorporated the traditional blaze orange and reflective strips with 16 additional LED lights for maximum visibility and protection from distracted drivers.
Features 3 modes: continuous, slow, flashing, or fast flashing.
Lightweight nylon mesh has adjustable Velcro sides for all sizes.
Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) LED lights to use very little power and are capable of operating for extremely long periods of time.  With good quality batteries, this vest can operate for up to 168 hours.

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