IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts

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Replacement Mower Sickle Cutter Bar parts for vintage IHC, McCormick-Deering #7, and #9 and John Deere Big 4 mowers. Many parts are interchangeable unless noted specifically for one model. Some modifications to crossover parts may be needed such as installing the available IHC grass board onto the J.D. Big 4 mower.

If you're in need of more parts than we have listed such as replacing all the rock guards, email us with the specific items and quantities needed.

Priced a la carte, using the drop-down boxes. Select the parts needed and the prices will incrementally add for each part(s) selected. Click "Please Select" again to deselect.

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IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts
IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts Green Rock Guard DM700 Black Rock Guard M2041 IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts Shear Finger A102R Guard Bolts 226-227 IHC Sickle Head MA999 J.D. Sickle Head AZ955H IHC Lo Arch Clip MA812 High Arch Mower Knife Clip IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts J.D. Guide Z1067H J.D. Inner Hold Down Plate Z6010 Inner Shoe Plate IHC MB1263, J.D. H24379 J.D. Big 4 Inner Wear Plate Wear Plate MC468 Shim Stock SS621 Guard Ledger Plate IHC 455634RI Outer Shoe Ledger Plate MA330 (fits IHC and JD) Outer Shoe MF729 Mower End Section S20-6640 Inner Shoe Plate IHC MB1263, J.D. H24379 IHC Plate MA1239 IHC Outer Shoe Sole M259 J.D Outer Shoe Sole AH11948H J.D. Inner Shoe Sole H24076H IHC Inner Shoe Sole MC465 Inner Shoe Pin MA683 Wooden Grass Board  MB1050 Grass Board Steel Plate 140 Grass Board Stick 141 Steel Grass Board KC039 JD Fender Rod Z6059H IHC, J.D. Mower Cutter Bar Parts IHC Stay Rod M22447 JD Stay Rod 1000 IHC Mower Bar Bolt IHC Sickle Bar Parts Diagram JD Sickle Bar Parts Diagram IHC Shear Finger Guards


High wear available parts are listed below based on the original McCormick-Deering and John Deere Parts manuals. Use the drop-down boxes to select the parts needed. This section allows you to purchase a few replacements for cutting parts. If you’re needing to replace all the rock guards or wear plates. Contact us for bulk purchases as they will require more shipping. Mower cutter blades and rivets are also available if you can't find them locally.

Single Green Rock Guard DM700 (Second most popular universal used to replace single rock guards will fit McCormick Deering IHC, more popular for John Deere Big 4)

Single Black Rock Guard M2041 (Most popular universal used to replace all single rock guards on McCormick Deering IHC )

Double Red Rock Guard MCM270

Double Non-Painted Rock Guard MCM218 (Most popular universal used to replace double rock guards)

Rock Guard Bolts 7-1/16". Available in 1-1/2" length 226 and 1-3/4" length 227

IHC Knife Lo Arch Clip MA812

IHC Knife Hi Arch Clip MB812

Shear Finger A102R

Sickle Knife Bar Ball Head IHC MA999 and J.D.AZ955H

IHC Guide ME652

J.D. Sickle Knife Head Guide Z1067H uses 9610

IHC Sickle Knife Head Plate MA1239

IHC Sickle Knife Head Wear Plate MB22863

J.D. Inner Hold Down Plate Z6010 also replaces Z8977 Guide

Inner Shoe Plate IHC MB1263, J.D. H24379

IHC Inner Shoe Pin MA683, J.D. Z6512H

Guard Wear Plate MC468 (Universal replacements will be slotted to fit other models)

Guard Shim Stock SS621

Guard Ledger Plate IHC 455634RI, J.D. Z5110H

Outer Shoe fits both IHC and J.D MF729 (Good Used)

Outer Shoe Ledger Plate MA330 (fits IHC and JD)

End Section Blade S20-6640

Grass Board Spring M1015

Grass Board Steel Plate 140

Wooden Grass Board MB1050

Wooden Grass Board Stick 141

Steel Grass Board KC039

Stay Rod, secures bar up for travel IHC M22447, J.D. Z6059H

Outer Shoe Sole IHC M259 and J.D. AH11948H

Inner Shoe Sole IHC MC465  and J.D. H24076H

Fender Rod, IHC M666, J.D. Z6059H

Sickle Bar Bolt R91 5/8" x 2-1/2" long. For IHC #6 use plow bolts 1/2" x 2" or 2-1/2". The heads will be different but will fit.

Our Amish companies have been making and sourcing replacement parts since 1950 for what many consider antique or junk farm machinery today. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, just about every farm used the same farm equipment providing ample outlets for replacement parts. As most farmers modernized through the 1900s the Amish still depended on the horse-drawn equipment as many still do today.

Since this equipment is no longer being manufactured and dealers are no longer stocking parts it becomes difficult to keep this old vintage farm machinery operational. Both Amish and vintage farm machinery implement enthusiasts scour junkyards, farms, and tree lines in search of these long-abandoned implements for restoration.

Cottage Craft Works.com travels deep into the back roads to find Amish companies who are still making the replacement parts to maintain and restore this old-time horse-drawn farm machinery.

Click Here to see all the vintage farm implements and replacement parts available.

A note on shipping cost: If you are just needing a small part such as a bolt, nut, or shim please contact us to order, otherwise the shipping calculator is set assuming that several parts will be ordered from this section at the same time.

These replacement parts have very little markup for us, especially when we just sell one item like a bolt and nut. In order to help defray the time and cost to process, credit card fees, and the labor to pack and transport to the post office, regardless of how much it cost to ship, we do charge a minimum of $14.50 base rate for shipping and handling fees even if it is a small part.

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