Ice Block Tongs | Ice Carver Tongs

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Yep! they are still being made and used. Ice tongs quickly grip blocks of ice to load into an ice chest and iceboxes.
These heavy-duty commercial duty ice block tongs are also popular with ice carvers and chefs for making ice sculptures as well as other industries using them for other food processing and manufacturing facilities. 
Ice Tongs are made in the USA of high-quality Stainless Steel. Tongs open up to a 17" width and easily grip the ice with one hand.
The points are shown protected in the picture as they are very sharp.
Ice Block Tongs |  Ice Carver Tongs
Ice Block Tongs |  Ice Carver Tongs


Without electricity and modern-day refrigerators, the Amish still rely on ice produced in the winter months and then stored in large insulated ice houses for use throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. It takes tools like these heavy-duty ice tongs to move large blocks of ice inside to ice boxes.

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