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Money Matters made simple! Off-Grid, Off Internet old-fashioned paper finance journal book.

With all the computer glitz and latest Apps, those looking for a simple way to organize and keep track of the household finances and even a small hobby farm are finding these already organized journals immensely helpful.
Household Finances is a spiral-bound 36-month journal designed for a simpler way of life sold in the Amish-Mennonite communities, it is just as practical for any family trying to keep control of their finances. The journal is well organized with example entries to get the process started. It helps keep track of the month-to-month income as well as expenses.
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Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal
Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal Summary Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal Sample Pages Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal Monthly Records Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal Example Use Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal Introduction Household Finances | Paper-Diary-Journal


Most important the journal includes a running balance of both the budgeted allowance including a running credit card balance.

Each page gives an encouraging message about personal finances.

You will be able to roll the monthly balances into a three-year summary to help budget for the good months and those not-so-good months that may require a carryover before deciding to make that big purchase.
Good stewardship and Household Finances go hand in hand.  Using a household organizer makes dollars and sense. It really does because you know where you’re going.
8-1/2 X 11 Spiral Bound 88 pages
Books ship directly from Amish-Mennonite bookstores using old fashion mail-order systems shipped through the US Post Office. Electronic tracking numbers will not be available. Just let us know if you do not receive a book order within 7-10 business days.

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