Horses | In Hand Show Bridle Including Cavesson

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A USA-made BioThane® Show Halter with a cavesson.

Hardware options include either solid brass or stainless steel.
Features a nice shaped crown.
Trim options include all black, white, red, Maroon, blue, and green with spot or diamond accents. Optional chain brow as pictured.
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Amish In Hand Show Bridle with Cavason
Horses | In Hand Show Bridle with Cavason Show Horse  Bridle with Cavason Amish In Hand Show Bridle with Cavason


Available in full size or cob, select using the drop-down box at the bottom of the page.

Select gloss or semi-gloss finish.

Bridle ships directly from an Amish shop in Indiana. Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
The Show Bridle is Amish made using maintenance-free BioThane® USA material.
The BioThane® company spends countless testing hours to evaluate adhesion to the hand-selected USA-made polyester webbing. Imported plastic-coated webbings have high failure rates under tension and become brittle in cold weather. Thickness and grades of harness materials are selected based on the expectations that the harnesses will be used by other Amish families for working horses day in and day out with lighter duty harnesses designed for weekend pleasure trips to shopping and church.
Extra time is taken to handcraft each bridle with rounded strap ends and extra stitching that is pulled tight down into the surface to reduce wear points at the stitching. The shop uses the highest quality stainless or solid brass hardware that can be sourced including a quality USA-made stainless bit.
BioThane® was developed in 1977, by the Polyurethane Polymer division of BF Goodrich to fill the demand for a more flexible, high-performance horse racing harness product. The engineers worked closely with horse owners to create a line of synthetic belting for the tack and harness industry that would be far superior to leather.
BioThane® rinses clean in seconds. Since its inception, BioThane® has become the choice of professional football leagues for helmet chin straps and pad strapping as well as other industrial applications including the US Military, the medical field using BioThane® strapping on operation tables and EMS ambulance because of its superior holding and cleaning capabilities. BioThane® verifies all the raw materials used in their products are carcinogen-free.
Horse harness made of BioThane® is preferred by the Amish because it is waterproof, UV protected, will not mold or mildew, will not absorb odors, will not dry out or crack, frozen flexibility, and chemical resistant.
When people depend on horse harnesses as either a full-time occupation or for an occasional outing, they will know harnesses made with BioThane® webbing is low maintenance with no unwanted surprises even after years of service.

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