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Horse Drawn Vehicle Brake Components

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Horse-drawn vehicle brake parts used in the 7” and 8” PA, Ohio, and Indiana-style Amish buggies and carriages have also been adopted and used by many other carriage builders across the US, Canada, and worldwide. For brake shoes and to ID your brake system Click Here. For complete brake assembly Click Here.

Please note: the parts specifically marked with the word adjuster will only work on the PA Style Adjuster Brakes. These parts are not made to retrofit traditional non-adjustable brakes. They work with the 7" 3051, and 8" 3050 brake shoes.

These are USA-made parts made and used in the Amish communities.

Priced a la carte, using the drop-down boxes. Select the parts needed and the prices will be incrementally added for each part(s) selected. If more than one part is needed in a section, select the first one and the quantity and add it to the cart. Then return to add additional parts. To deselect hit, select parts again.

Click Here for the complete brake assembly with shoes and backer plate.

Click Here for brake shoes.

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8” Horse Drawn Vehicle Brake Parts:

1. Wheel Cylinder 1” USA Aluminum 3115-USAL
2. Adjuster Cam Shoe 3037-16
3. Hold Down Cup 3101-06
4. See Brake Shoe Options
5. Adjuster Cam Nut SS 3/8” – 24 SS 3/8-24 3037-18


1” Taperlock Wedge 3037-81

1-1/8” Taperlock Wedge 3037-82

1-1/4” Taperlock Wedge 3037-83

7. Shoe hold down pin 3101-07
8. Top Spring 3103-05


1” Taperlock Clamp Plate 3037-51

1-1/8” Taperlock Clamp Plate 3037-52

10. Bottom Spring 3102
11. Adjuster Cam 3037-14

8” Taperlock Back Plate Powder Coated 3037-02
8” Taperlock Back Plate Plain 3037-04
13. Hold Down Spring 3101-5
14. 1/4 -20 x 5/8” Wheel Cylinder Bolt 3113-05
15. ¼-28 x 1” Taperlock Clamp Screw 3037-62
16. Internal Tooth Lock Washer 3037-19

Wheel Cylinder Assembly

1. Bleeder Screw 3038
2. 1” Complete Wheel Cylinder Housing, Piston, & O-Rings 3115-USAL
3. Piston with O-Ring 3117-OR
4. O-ring 3117-10
5. Brass Tubing Seat Insert 3115-10
6. Dirt Cap 3120
7. 1” Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit 3114-1


Horse Drawn Vehicle 7” PA Style Brakes

1. 1” Wheel Cylinder 3115-USLA
2. Top Spring 3100-15


1” Taperlock Wedge 3037-81

1-1/8” Taperlock Wedge 3037-82

4. See Brake Shoe Options
5. Adjuster Cam Nut ½-20 SS 3037-28
6. Adjuster Cam Pin 3037-26
7. ¼-28 x 1” Taperlock Clam Screw 3037-62


1” Clamp Plate 3037-51

1-1/8” Clamp Plate 3037-52

10. Bottom Spring 3099
11. ½-20 x 5/8” Wheel Cylinder Bolt 3113-05
12. Adjuster Cam Washer 3037-29


7” Backer Plate Powder Coat 3032-02

7” Backer Plate Plain 3032-04

14. 7” Adjuster Cam 3037-24
Note: Old Style PA brakes are not adjustable. Use 3051-10 2ea for each wheel to close the space between the shoes and the drum.



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