Horse Drawn Vehicle Brake Assembly

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Hydraulic brake backer plate assembly comes complete with cylinder and shoes installed on a backer plate ready to slide onto the axle. Does not include the wheel hub, master cylinder, or brake lines.

The aluminum backer plate will not rust. It uses a set bolt to secure to a steel axle. Order based on axle size and wheel hub size based on the Amish Ohio and PA style buggies and wagons.

Sold per each, order two for one axle. Use the drop-down boxes to select the size and model to fit your axle.

Click Here for the master cylinder and pedal assembly.

Click Here for a complete hydraulic brake system.

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 Horse Drawn Vehicle Brake Assembly
 Horse Drawn Vehicle Brake Assembly  Horse Drawn Vehicle Brake Assembly


Choose between 7” or 8” brake kit either a plain or powder-coated backer plate. Drop-Down options are for square axles 1” or 1-1/2” for the 7” size or 1”, 1-1/4” and 1-1/8” for the 8” size.

Sold per each. Purchase two backer assemblies for each axle.

Horse-drawn vehicle brakes are not like an automobile brake system. They are not intended to stop a buggy or a horse on a dime. Normally only the front axle is equipped with brakes to reduce the downhill pressure on the horse(s) In some cases where it is expected to haul heavy loads or several passengers and or travel through very hilly terrain than all four wheels might be equipped with brakes.

The idea of having brakes on a buggy was developed in 1960 when Volkswagen brakes were retrofitted to a buggy axle and wheel. Many of the brake shoes from Volkswagen would fit the early buggies until they were further refined to these brakes.

To install sand the axle to remove any rust and debris. Line up where the plate needs to sit on the axle and mark the axle. Press the plate on the axle with a press, or use a pipe that will fit around the axle hole and tap the plate into place.

7” Backer Plate

7” x 1” Axle Complete Backer Plate (Powder-Coated) 3026-PC

7” x 1-1/8” Axle Complete Backer (Powder-Coated) 3026-13 

8” Backer Plate

8” x 1” Axle Complete Backer Plate (Powder-Coated) 3030-PC

8” x 1-1/8” Axle Complete Backer Plate (Powder-Coated) 30328-PC

8” x 1-1/8” Axle Complete Backer Plate (Powder-Coated) 30328-PC

8” x 1-1/4” Axle Complete Backer Plate (Powder-Coated) 30329-PC

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