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Horse Buggy-Carriage Shaft Hardware

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Horse Buggy-Carriage Shaft Hardware

Horse-Drawn steel and fiberglass shaft iron, pole, connectors, single tree caster, and single tree centers.  Made in the USA by the Amish used to build Indiana, Ohio, and PA Amish-style buggies.

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Horse Buggy-Carriage Shaft Hardware
Horse Buggy-Carriage Shaft Hardware


Please expect 2-3 weeks for shipping from the Amish shops.

It would be data prohibitive to list each individual part with shipping. Therefore, shipping & handling is based on an average purchase of a few smaller parts.

We do charge a minimum $14.50 flat base rate on all items regardless of the size. This is to cover the cost to process, pack, drop-ship, and actual shipping charges.

Additional shipping may be required for quantity orders or for larger parts. We will let you know if additional shipping will be needed. If you checkout using PayPal, we can send you an invoice if needed. Otherwise, we will also need to have credit card information as our system does not store it with the order.

From Image

1 x Each Fiberglass Shaft Iron #3AF   

1 x SET Fiberglass Shaft Iron #2XPH   

1 x Each Fiberglass Shaft Iron #93AF  

1 x Each Fiberglass Shaft Iron #3PH    

1 x SET Fiberglass Shaft Iron #2X EXT   

1 x Each Fiberglass 8-1/2 Shaft Iron #93PH812     

1 x Each Fiberglass 5-1/2” Shaft Iron #93PH512     

1 x Each Steel Shaft Iron with bushings #93 EXT    

1 x Each Single Tree Center #54     

1 x Each Insert 3/8” Bolt Bushing Green #93IBG  

1 x Each Insert 7/16” Bushing Black #93IBB      

1 x Each 3/8” x 2-1/2” SS Bolt & Lock Nut #3SS 

1 x SET Single Tree Caster Plain #108A   

1 x SET Single Tree Caster Powder Coated #108B   

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