Heller Aller PHB Pitcher Water Pump Parts

Factory replacement parts to fit Heller Aller PHB Hand Pitcher Pump. 

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Description / Heller Aller PHB Pitcher Water Pump Parts

CCW-01 Pump Leather Kit includes the LV 275 leather, CL 300 leather, and the 708 leather gasket and 12” of packing material. Order this kit for an older PHB pump with a worn rod.

CCW-02 Pump Leather Kit includes all the same leathers except the top packing utilizes gasket washers instead of graphite packing. Order this kit for a newer PHB or one that has not been used to wear down the rod and packing nut.

Complete plunger with rod B-3 comes with 3" Cage, Follower, Poppet, CL 300 Cup Leather, and Rod. Since the plunger comes with the CL 300 Cup Leather you may also order the plunger with the LV 275 and the 708 leather gasket and 12" of packing material to completely rebuild the pump without ordering another leather kit. Use the drop-down box for the complete plunger.

To assemble the cup leather the follower will need to be unscrewed from the cage assembly. Turn the unit upside down and secure the cage in a vise being careful to not tighten enough to crack the cage. Use a large wrench on the flat sides of the follower.

The plunger rod is 3/8", and the plunger is made to fit a 3" I.D. x 6" T cylinder. There is another no-name brass cylinder pump that may have been made by Heller Aller as a plain label pump for a company like Sears or Wards or copied from them. The parts do seem to interchange except for the stuffing box nut is of a different size and would need to be machined to fit the 3/8" rod.  We do not guarantee the parts will fit. Pump parts returned are subject to a $15 restocking fee.

T-5 Valve weight is pictured with leather for visual placement. The weight will not come with the leather.

Handle Bearer replacement requires the bottom part of the yoke at the pump base to be squeezed with a vise or clamp just enough to pop it out of the sides.

We do charge a minimum $19.95 flat base rate on all items regardless of the size. This is to cover a $10 drop-ship fee and the cost to process, pack, and actual shipping charges. Additional shipping will likely be required for larger part orders. We will let you know if additional shipping will be needed. If you checkout using PayPal, we can send you an invoice if needed. Otherwise, we will also need to have credit card information as our system does not store it with the order.

Please note: Pump parts are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Returns are very time-consuming to restock and often must be repainted. There were many pumps made by other companies that look very similar to the Heller-Aller well lift pumps and unless it is stamped on the pump the replacement parts will not likely fit. We would rather not get into shipping pump parts like shoes to see if they will fit.

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