Heller Aller Length Lift Pump Model 190-A

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Set Length Water Well Lift Pump. Our lift pump price begins with the platform base and includes the pump head, cylinder, pump rod, and pipe. The price will incrementally adjust for the 4" and 6" well cap base selections. 

Heller Aller has been the standard of water pumps since 1886. Model 190-A provides a very serviceable, well-constructed, large capacity, and easily operated pump.
Designed for a capacity of 15’ to 20’ wells but may be used in deeper wells by lowering the cylinder, or depending on the depth, adding a short tailpipe on the end of the cylinder on down into the water. A foot valve is recommended for deeper installations.
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Due to the backlog of castings and parts and the high demand for a USA-made pump, these pumps also have a large backlog. They are taking up to 90+ days to ship. If you want one, we recommend that you go ahead order and get inline. As the few castings that do come in go back out to fill the backorders. No matter which dealer you try to purchase them from it will all end up at this small shop in Indiana that makes them. Our system does charge credit cards at the time of the order. Sorry, we don't have any other options for the pumps.
Heller Aller Length Lift Pump Model 190-A
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You may select a base for either a 4” or 6” casing or a flat platform base.

Optional offset well cap is available only for a 6" well casing. The offset cap allows the addition of a hand pump on an existing well with an electric submersible well pump. Offset cap holds the hand pump cylinder to the side of the other pump and wiring.    
The pump comes with the pump head, brass cylinder, pipe, and rod. Enough to place the cylinder down to below a 4' frost level. A PVC pipe tail that can be added to the cylinder to drop on down below the static water level. Assembly will be needed.
The cylinder is 2-1/2” X 10” brass, stroke is 6”, uses 1-1/4 pipe thread.
Pump Rod is made of high-quality Stainless steel.
The pump is Anti-Freezing at 4’ set length.
Price at the top of the page begins with a 4” cap and incrementally increases as base sizes are selected at the bottom of the page.
Need Parts for this pump?  See the parts list and e-mail us with the parts you need. There will be a $5 drop ship fee plus shipping for pump parts.

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