Healthy Choices Cookbook

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A Cookbook with recipes using no sugar, no white flour, and no artificial anything. This is an excellent resource book for those using our organic grains, cereals, and flours. You will find recipes to make your own whole-grain pancakes, muffins, and bread. Make your own cereals, granola, and grape nuts.

A Cookbook for people who want wholesome, nutritious food, from the kitchens of Keepers at Home readers.

Are you looking for a common-sense approach to a healthier lifestyle?  Keepers at Home readers have compiled Healthy Choices Cookbook to help you provide nutritious food for your family and friends. The recipes in Healthy Choices are sugar-free, use no white flour, and do not specify any artificial ingredients.  

Healthy Choices Cookbook
Healthy Choices Cookbook Close Up Keepers Recipe Sampler Healthy Choices Cookbook


In the long run, no one maintains vibrant, growing health on radiant, fumigated, pasteurized, homogenized, chemical-laden, and nutritionally dead food. Living cells require living foods.

While it’s sometimes hard to decide the exact place where dead food stops and healthful food starts, and certain foods “don’t agree” with some people as they do with others, Healthy Choices with its 1,903 recipes offers a wide range of traditional and modern recipes that help you protect, maintain, and encourage the good health God gives you and your loved ones. Take the first step toward better health to start with healthy food choices.

The cookbook also includes sections on hits and tips for soaps & cleaners, home remedies, and gardening solutions.

About Keepers at Home Magazine- Started in 1993, Keepers at Home had a mission to encourage mothers in their God-given calling of being mothers and homemakers. Over 16,000 and growing readers across the world are blessed and encouraged with homemaking articles, recipes, gardening, topics, homemade creations, and spiritual nourishment, all written by the readers and editors. You can actually subscribe to Keepers at Home Magazine here at Cottage Craft Works, the subscription information is located under our Home Goods - Faith | Hope | Family | Inspiration, or just click here.

454 pages 7 x 10 spiral bound

Table of Contents

•    Beverages
•    Breakfast
•    Breads
•    Sourdough
•    Salads & Dressings
•    Cooking with Herbs
•    Meats
•    Meat Substitutes
•    Casseroles
•    Side Dishes
•    Soups
•    Pizza & Sandwiches
•    Dairy
•    Lacto-Fermented
•    Cakes
•    Cookies
•    Pies
•    Desserts
•    Dips. Spreads, & Salsa
•    Campfire Cooking
•    Canning
•    Dry Seasoning Mixes
•    Soaps & Cleaners
•    Home Remedies
•    Gardening Solutions

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