Hammer Drive Post Campfire Grill

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Quick setup hammer drive single post freestanding campfire grill. A self-contained drive post campfire grill allows you to pound in the ground stake using one hand and then hang the grill on the outside post. No extra hammer is required to secure your grill.  

Features a heavy-duty diamond nickel-plated 20” grill with cool-touch spring handle. The grill adjusts up and down on a 26” tall post using a friction holding device. A 10” ground stake built into the post holds the post. The grill easily turns out of the fire for loading and unloading.

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Post Drive Campfire Grill
Post Drive Campfire Grill Hammer Stake Grill Post Hammer-Stake-Mounted--Campfire-Grill Hammer Stake Grill Post Hammer-Drive-Post-Campfire-Grill Friction Adjustable Grill Post Height Hammer Post Drive Campfire Grill Freestanding Post Campfire Grill


Bring a sanitary quick setup cooking grill to cook your hamburgers and hotdogs in public parks.

Weighs approximately 12 lbs. ships in a 38” x 24” x 2” box dimensional weight that may be used to store it away in a camper or car trunk.

The grill works best in semi-dry soils and may not stand well in sandy or wet soils.  If used routinely in one location a length of ¾” I.D. pipe could be driven permanently into the ground to better stabilize the ground stake in sandy and wet soil locations.

The USA-made Amish quality product is built to last for generations!

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