Flat Bottom 10 Qt Cast Iron Oval Roaster

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A 10-Qt Cast Iron Oval Roaster with a flat bottom for use indoors or outdoors as a Dutch oven. Has double carrying handles and unique reversible lid to provide self-basting underside for cooking meats that require frequent basting for super moist tender cooking.

The top can also be used as an additional cooking surface. The other side of the lid has a traditional handle but also has raised rim. This feature allows you to bank hot coals on top for outdoor cooking as a Dutch oven.

The cook can periodically check on the cooking progress without flaking ashes into the cooking pot.

Oval-Roaster-Dutch-Oven Oval-Roaster-Baster-Reverse-Lid


Measures: 8" H X 16 L X 12 W weight 26lbs.

These are heavy-duty kettles that should last a lifetime! The kettle includes a well-fitted lid and carrying handle.

Pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil and made from pure gray cast iron. This Kettle is being imported by an Amish company and sold primarily throughout the Amish communities for their self-sustaining lifestyle.

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