Farm Wagon Gear, Bolt-On All Steel Spoke Wheels

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Spoked Steel wheel wagon gear to build historical reproduction farm wagons for horse-drawn demonstrations. The new USA-built Amish wagons utilize old-fashioned steel spoke wheels with modern bolt-on centers for automotive-style roller bearing hubs.

Hard to find replica steel-wheeled wagon gears that are still being built for use on Amish working farms. These 6-ton capacity wagon gears provide a five-foot track heavy-duty frame for building farm wagons to haul hay, grain, corn stocks, firewood, and more. Also, a perfect flat-free gear to build modern-day wagons used in areas of sharps and thorns such as factories and industrial applications.

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Steel Bolt-On Wheel Wagon Gear
Steel Bolt-On Wheel Wagon Gear Metal Spoke Wheel Farm Wagon Gear Metal Spoke Bolt-On Wagon Wheel Standard 6-Bolt Agriculture Wheel Hub Pattern Optional Wagon Bolster Springs


A perfect flat and dry wrought free wagon gear for building stationary replica Gypsy, tiny homes, and concession wagons.

The CCW-SWBO utilizes our 28556 28” x 5-1/2’ wide steel spoke wheel with agriculture style 4-5/8” spaced 6-bolt on hubs. This wagon will also use standard 4-5/8” spaced 6-bolt agriculture drop rims with air tires should you need to use them on pavements. See drawing for measuring. We also have model CCW-SW68 that utilizes a more traditional slide-on spindle roller bearing hubs and our 68-83, 28” x 5-1/2” steel spoke wheels. Click Here for more information on CCW-SW68.

Optional bolster spring sets are available in 2500 lb., 3500 lb., and 6000 lb. sizes. Not required, but good for operating on hilly farm grounds where tipping may occur hauling heavy loads. Bolster springs set over the axles next to the wheels and bolt to the wagon bed.

Available with either a wooden double team 12’ long x 4” wide metal tongue equipped with hammer strap and pole cap, or a newer 68” long metal tractor pull tongue equipped with a standard drop pin drawbar hitch.

Wagon Specifications:

Wheels- 28” x 5-1/2” wide 10-gauge metal rim steel bolt-on steel spoke wheels equipped with standard automotive tapered roller bearings riding on 1-3/4” high carbon steel spindles. Wagons will trail straight at tractor speeds.

Standard pressed in bearing seal and welded on dirt shields protect bearings from dust and mud

Capacity- 12000 lb. (Six Tons)

Steering- Automotive Tie Rod Style. Truly short turn radius.

Axle- 2-1/2” x 5” rectangular 3/16” wall tubing

Reach- 2” and 2-1/2” pipe. Telescoping reach allows the wagon length to be varied from 90” to 138” to the center of the standards and axles. Overall actual wagon length is then determined by the length of the beams and decking added.

Track- 60”

Height- 22” top of the axle and 17” clearance under the axle

A Rear hoop hitch to connect wagons in tandem with a clevis

Adjustable 35”-41” beam width bolster standards

Available Models:

CCW-SWBO Standard wagon with tractor tongue

CCW-SWBO Standard wagon with horse-drawn tongue

Wagons are priced F.O.B. Northern Indiana and will need to be truck freighted. We can arrange for pick-up or obtain a shipping quote. Wagon gear weight is 550 lbs. and has been shipped to Midwest locations for around $250-$500.

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