EW310C Air Powered Sheep Clipper

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This is an air-powered pneumatic sheep clipper version of the popular Shearmaster EW310C. Air-powered clippers are converted and used in the Amish non-electric communities. The professional model produces up to 3000 Strokes per minute for cattle, sheep, and llamas.

Air motor-powered tools have many advantages over electric motors, they are long-lasting, do not provide a shock hazard, and can be used in remote areas without electricity. They can be used in barns already equipped with an air compressor. 

The compressor will need to produce up to 8 CFM at 90 PSI.

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EW310C Air Powered Sheep Clipper
EW310C Air Powered Sheep Clipper Shearmaster EW310C Air Powered Conversion Sheep Clippers Shearmaster Air Clipper Inlet Shearmaster Air Sheep Clipper Head EW310C Air Powered Sheep Clipper Bottom Blade EW310C Air Powered Sheep Clipper Top Blade


The clipper does not include blades but uses the same blades as the Oster EW310C electric clipper. You may add blades using the drop-down boxes. 

For goat, shearing uses the 3” shearing head.  
Blade Options include a 3" bottom blade and the top blade.
The color of the air motor may vary from gray or blue as shown in pictures.

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