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Dove/Quail Snap-On by Coyote Leather Company

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Dove hunters everywhere love the Coyote Snap-On. A “Snap-On” holster and two detachable bird hangers simply fasten onto your belt. Each hanger has 8 game loops. 

Hangers can be detached to clip onto a fence wire, tree, or sunflower stalk. Allows birds to cool down even on the hottest afternoons and, as we all know, a cooler bird is a tastier bird.

Dove/Quail Snap-On™ will fit up to a 2-1/4 belt


Dove/Quail Snap-On™ by Coyote Leather Company 

Fine leather hunting and training gear for the discriminating outdoorsman.

All American Made!  Coyote Leather Company designs unique, handmade leather hunting accessories with the outdoorsman in mind. Designed by an avid hunter and dog trainer for those looking for professional-grade hunting and training gear. Coyote equipment delivers excellence, distinction, and workmanship for the discriminating hunter and more importantly, enhances performance in the field.

Dove/Quail Snap-On™ will fit up to a 2-1/4 belt

The Original Dove/Quail Hangers ships with 2 hangers, 8 game loops each. Perfect for dove, quail, and grouse.

The Heavy Bird Hangers ships with 2 hangers, 2 game loops each. Ideal for pheasant, rabbit, and squirrel.

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