Double Steel Barrel Stove Conversion Kit

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A double steel barrel stove conversion kit provides the two collars and legs to piggyback a second heat capturing barrel on top of a standard single barrel stove.   

Easy to install all cast iron with all the fasteners included.

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Double Barrel Wood Stove Conversion Kit
Double Barrel Wood Stove Conversion Kit


The second collar mounts on the front end of the top barrel to exit with the stove pipe. This allows the hot gases to go out the back top of the lower stove barrel and then circulate back through the top barrel and out the front collar affixed to the stove pipe. 

You will need safe clearances above the stove for the stove pipe to snake back and out a standard chimney or install straight up from the front of the stove.

We also carry the standard steel barrel kit Click Here for more information.

Sorry not available to ship to WA, OR, and CA due to state restrictions. Installation should be completed in compliance with other state and local codes. 

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