Double Laundry Tub Rolling Frame Stand

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The aluminum rolling frame stand allows you to convert locally available Mustee Utilatub® laundry sinks model #19K into an old-fashioned rolling laundry double washtub set.

A set of rolling laundry tubs are still a necessity for those using wringer washing machines to handle wet laundry. Just as they did in the early 1900s, these tubs easily become multi-purposed for everything from bathing the young ones, dog baths, icing beverages, cleaning garden vegetables, butchering, and so much more.

Optional Poly sink lids are also available.

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Double Laundry Tub Aluminum Rolling Frame Stand
Double Laundry Tub Aluminum Rolling Frame Stand  Double Laundry Tub Aluminum Rolling Frame Stand


We supply the rolling welded aluminum frame stand you supply the tubs and plumbing to hook to them.

Order optional poly lids using the drop-down boxes. These lids will fit in the top of the sinks to provide additional counter space when the sinks are not being used.

Utilize locally purchased Mustee Utilatub® brand Co-poly pure™ laundry #19K 20-Gallon tubs on this easy-rolling metal frame stand to build an old-fashioned double laundry washtub set.

This saves on shipping costs as these poly tubs really add to the dimensional shipping cost used by UPS and FedEx. The tubs run around $70-$80 and are readily available in-store or order to store, from local home centers, plumbing supplies, and Ace Hardware stores.

1-1/2” pipe thread drains can be fitted with PVC pipe fittings to add wing valves, garden hose bibs, or hose and clamp nipples. Sinks are also ready to accept faucets to run a garden hose for portable outdoor cooking sinks.

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