CL Clipper Reel Mower Parts

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Complete genuine replacement parts for the USA made CL Clipper Reel Push Mower Models C-1117, C-1119, C-1121, C-1121-G. 

Many of these parts are exact replica replacements for the Vintage Scotts Silent Reel Mowers. (Not all parts may fit)

Priced a la carte, using the drop-down boxes. Select the parts needed and the prices will incrementally add for each part(s) selected. To select more than one part in the same drop-down box, select one to add to cart, and then select continue shopping to add more parts. To deselect click on the "Please Select" again.

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Clipper Reel Mower Parts
Clipper Reel Mower Parts Clipper Reel Mower Handle and Frame Parts Clipper Reel and Wheel Parts Clipper Reel Mower Bedknife and Roller Parts Clipper Cover Name Plate CL005 Clipper Mower Felt Washer CL019 Clipper Bearing CL022 Clipper Bearing Retainer CL021 Clipper Mower Retainer CLO23 Clipper Mower Pinion Housing CL024 Clipper Mower Pinion Gears CL026, CL029 Clipper Mower Pawl CL025 Clipper Mower Gear Housing CL030, CL031 Clipper Adjustment Lever CL032 Clipper  Dust Cover CL033 Clipper Axle T Washer CL041 Clipper Mower Wheel Axle CL042 Clipper Mower Wheel Washers CL045, CL043 Clipper Mower Wheel Bushing CL044B Clipper Axle E-Clip CL046 Clipper Mower Trunion Bolt CL053B Clipper Mower Long Nut CL054 Clipper Mower Bedknife Bolts CL056, CL052 Clipper Bedknife Trunion Block CL053 Clipper Bedknife Eyebolt CL055 Clipper Bedknife Bolt CL059 Clipper Mower Roller CL060 Clipper Mower Roller Shaft CL061 Clipper Mower Roller Bracket Cl062, CL063 Clipper Mower Roller Bolt CL064 Clipper Mower Roller Adjustment Knob CL065


Parts referenced for Right or Left is the perspective of standing in front of the mower reel and looking back over the mower.

The Clipper Reel mowers are the absolute Cadillac of all Reel Mowers ever built and it is rare to need replacement parts. Since we also sell the Clipper Mowers, we support our customers with these replacement parts should they need them for aging models or mowers that have been damaged.

CL Clipper Reel Mower Parts for C-1117, C-1119, C1121, C-1121-G                                                                                            

REF #     Part #                Qty Used    Description

1              CL001                    1            Poly Handle

2              CL002                    2            1/4 x 1-3/4" Carriage Bolt

3              CL003                    2            1/4-20 Locknut

4              CL004                    1            Upper Handle Tube

5              CL005                    1            Cover Panel

7              CL007                    2            5/16 x 2-1/4 Hex Head Bolt

8              CL008                    6            5/16-18 Locknut

9              CL009                    4            5/16 x 1 Hex Head Bolt

10            CL010                    1            Brace

11            CL011                     2           Handle Strap, Lower

12            CL012                    1            Side Plate, RH

13            CL013                    1            Space Tube

14            CL014                    1            Side Plate, LH

16            CL016                    1            Handle Complete

19            CL019                    2            Felt Washer

20            CL020                    1            Reel Assembly

21            CL021                    2            Bearing Retainer

22            CL022                    2            Bearing

23            CL023                    2            Retainer

24            CL024                    2            Pinion Housing

25            CL025                    2            Pawl

26            CL026                    1            Pinion, RH

27            CL027                    2            Retaining Ring

28            CL028                    6            3/16 Rivet

29            CL029                    1            Pinion, LH

30            CL030                    1            Gear Housing Assembly, RH

31            CL031                    1            Gear Housing Assembly, LH

32            CL032                    2            Lever

33            CL033                    2            Dust Cover

34            CL034                    2            Grips

35            CL035                    10          #10-24 x 1/2 Round Head Bolt

36            CL036                    10          #10-24 Locknut

39            CL039                    2            Gang Tee Washer

40            CL040                    2            5/16-24 Locknut

41            CL041                    2            Tee Washer

42            CL042                    2            Wheel Axle

43            CL043                    2            Washer Behind Wheel

44            CL044                    2            Wheel Assembly, Note wheel sizes, there were 9", 9-5/8" and 10" wheels used on the Clipper Mowers.

44B         CL044B                   2            Wheel Bushing

45           CL045                     2            Washer Outside Wheel

46           CL046                     2            E-Clip

47           CL047                     2            Hub Cap

50           CL050                     1            Bedknife

51           CL051                     1            Bedknife Bolt, RH

52           CL052                     1            Bedknife Bolt, LH

53           CL053                     2            Trunion Block

53B         CL053B                   2             3/8-16 x 3/4 Flat Head Bolt (Order CL053-1)

54           CL054                     2             Long Bolt

55           CL055                     2             Eye Bolt

56           CL056                     2             Bedknife Long Bolt

57           CL057                     1             Torsion Bar

58           CL058                     2             3/16 x 1 Rivet

59           CL059                     1             1/4 x 3/8 HHS Bolt

60           CL060                     1             Roller

60G        CL060G                   1              Gang Roller

61           CL061                     1             Roller Shaft

62           CL062                     1             Roller Bracket, RH

63           CL063                     1             Roller Bracket, LH

64           CL064                     2             5/16 x 3/4 Special Carriage Bolt

65           CL065                     2             Roller Knob

66           CL066                     1             Knife Bar

67           CL067                     2             5/16 x 1/2 Machine Bolt

A $12 flat-rate shipping and handling base rate will process with each order regardless of the cost to ship the smallest part(s) sold in the US. Parts have very little markup, especially on just a small item. The flat-rate helps defray our handling and processing is the same for a bolt or a larger order.

This should cover most mower parts that will fit in flat rate USPS boxes. Should you need larger parts or multiple parts, additional shipping costs may be required.

International customers, please email us with the parts that you need, and we will calculate the shipping cost and send you a PayPal invoice in US Dollars. Duties and taxes will still be due to your country upon delivery.

If you will be ordering multiple or large parts, please checkout using the PayPal option. We will be able to send you a PayPal invoice for any additional shipping if needed.

Otherwise, we are not able to upcharge shipping to a credit card order and will need to call you. We will not know the shipping cost until the Amish shop can verify the order and the cost to ship large parts or large orders.

Parts ship directly from an Amish owned business without computers, please expect some orders to take up to two weeks to ship. Most parts are stocked but some may need to be made.

We also have parts available for the EZ Clipper Mower, email us with parts needed.

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