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Ceiling Mount Retractable Clothesline Drying Lines

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Ceiling mounted retractable clothesline drying lines. Hold up to 120' clotheslines. 

Silverline tuck-a-way clothesline system comes with two silver powder-coated metal arms designed for ceilings 7’-9’ tall. An XL version is also available for ceilings up to 10’ tall.

Use in basements, porches, overhangs, shops, garages, and washhouses. The system is also perfect for industrial finishing and drying applications where shop space is a premium. USA Amish made.

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Ceiling Mounted Retractable Clothesline System
Ceiling Mounted Retractable Clothesline System Fold Down Clothes Line Rails Retracting Overhead Clothelines


Retractable arms on each end allow you to string four lines up to 30’ using cable or wire clotheslines. Clothesline material will need to be purchased locally. All other hardware is included, including the eyebolts used to tighten the lines.

This pull-down clothesline system was developed by an Amish company out of the necessity of having the option of drying clothes in a basement or garage during inclement weather.

The arms mount to flat or ribbed metal ceilings but, must bolt into a solid ceiling joist. Properly mounted each arm is rated for up to 200 lbs. Arms fold up to less than 2” from the ceiling and hang down approximately 46” fully extended. The arms have 10 different height settings. Arms raise and lower from the ground using a pull rope. Each side may be lowered or raised one at a time.

The Amish build their garages and shops with a large front overhang to protect them from rain and snow when hitching and unhitching their buggies and wagons. This overhang makes a perfect place to hang fold-down clotheslines for the family wash day.

Designing a clothesline low enough to reach, making them substantial enough to hold the weight of a large Amish family’s weekly laundry, and designing them to fold up and out of the way for other uses in the area below was the challenge.

The Silverline system does all of that, providing enough drying room, up to 120’, to air dry all the families wash day clothes and then neatly folding it up against the ceiling for the next round.

These tuck-a-way clotheslines are also handy for air drying herbs, flowers, and other items that you would normally hang on a drying line or rack.

The arms have hanging holes to use clothes on hangers. A great way to remove shirts, tops, and sweaters off the line and hang them on hangers to take directly to the closet. 

Be sure to check out our aluminum laundry basket carts. They will help you move fresh washed clothes from the washer to the clotheslines and then dry clothes to the bedrooms without bending or lifting the baskets off the ground or floor.

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