Canning & Freezing Paper Diary Journal

A simple, sensible old-fashioned off-grid way to keep track of your food in storage without using a computer.

If you’re like us, you probably do a lot of canning and freezing as well stocking up on store purchased food items on sale. We often have a hard time keeping track of what we have on hand, what needs to be used first, and what is reaching the safe storage dates.
As frustrating and hard work as it may be there is nothing worse than throwing out good food for fear that it may no longer be safe.
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Description / Canning & Freezing Paper Diary Journal

The other problem we have is keeping track of how much of this and that we need to have on hand during the canning process so that we do not end up making a mad dash to the store for more supplies.

Thirdly when it comes to using special recipes for canning each year, we are always trying to remember what book we found it in and what modifications we made to make the best batch.
Canning & Freezing is a spiral 5-year bound paper diary to help you organize all these things into one place to use year after year.
Beyond the benefits mentioned above Canning & Freezing allows you to make garden notes and sketches of what worked best in the planting and the types of yield are produced to figure out the canning supplies.
The Diary allows you to log the canning and minutes it takes for each batch so that you can better prepare for the upcoming seasons.
Trying to decide how to use that batch of tomatoes, such as making salsa, chili, spaghetti sauce, or ketchup?  No problem a quick glance at the Canning & Freezing Dairy and your family’s usage will make the decision easy.
Canning & Freezing can actually save you money, as you will have an inventory of what is in the freezer so the trips to the grocery store don’t end up filling the cart with items you already have.
5-1/2   X 8-1/2 Spiral Bound 160 Pages
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Canning & Freezing Paper Diary Journal
Canning & Freezing Paper Diary Journal Food Plot Planning Canning & Freezing Paper Diary Journal Sample Summary Pages Canning & Freezing Paper Diary Journal