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Buggy, Carriage, lights, Tool Battery Adapter

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Power your horse-drawn vehicle LED lights with a power tool battery pack. Specifically engineered for Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee 18- and 20-volt tool battery packs.

The Buggy Buddy battery adapter block is precisely machined to fit your specified battery choice. It is equipped with a special power board to protect against overloads, overheating, shorts, and arcs.

Price begins with the basic Buggy Buddy Max. Using the drop-down boxes select the model needed. If it is for the Buggy Buddy Max then the price will be as shown. If you select a higher option model then the additional dollar amount shown will incrementally be reflected in the new total. To select more than one model, select one and add it to the cart, then return to the page to shop to add another model. To deselect click on the "Please Select" again.

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Buggy, Carriage, lights, Tool Battery Adapter
Buggy, Carriage, lights, Tool Battery Adapter Buggy, Carriage, lights, Tool Battery Adapter


A 5Ah battery will run approximately 5 hours on 2 side lights and 8 running lights.

A low battery alert buzzer will notify you that your battery is needing to be recharged but will leave enough power to finish the trip home.

Choose between a single battery block or a double unit meaning that you can use two batteries to double the run time however, the 9.2 Max Amp capacity will stay the same.

Input voltage 16-20 Volts, output 13 Volts with a maximum of 9.2 Amps

Use only LED headlight, taillights, and marker lights with low Amp Draws totaled to the Amp capacity of the battery buddy. These LED lights pull between .0050 to .07 Amps adequate enough to outfit a buggy with headlights, running lights, and turn signals.  Older incandescent lights will draw too many amps. The Buggy Buddy has one on and off switch which will cut the drain to the battery.

Upgrade to the Cart Buddy MAX and in addition to running lights you can have a turn single switch with a flasher, and two independent switches for running lights or accessories that will run under the total Amp Capacity.

The backside of the battery block will be left open and will need to be mounted on a flat surface such as a dashboard or on a mounting plate that you make.

Buggy Buddy Max 9.2 Amp Capacity.  

3030 Dewalt Buggy Buddy Max 

4030 Milwaukee Buggy Buddy Max

5030 Makita Buggy Buddy Max

Two Battery Block Max 9.2 Amp 

3040 Dewalt Double Buggy Buddy.

4040 Milwaukee Double Buggy Buddy.

5040 Makita Double Buggy Buddy.

Running Lights-Turn Signals-9.2 Amp 

3020 Dewalt Cart Buddy

4020 Milwaukee Cart Buddy

5020 Makita Cart Buddy

Running Lights, Turn Signal, and Accessory 9.2 Amp 

3022 Dewalt Cart Buddy Max

4020 Milwaukee Cart Buddy Max

5020 Makita Cart Buddy Max

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