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Made in America Products

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Old-fashioned vintage made in America products are still available as they were in yesteryears. USA quality and pride reminiscent of the early 50s and 60s.

Cottage Craft Works.com is like an old time general store packed full of old fashioned American made gadgets, tools, gear and supplies for the farm, home, garden, ranch, and hunting gear from a yesteryear simpler time period.

90% of the products are still made and used in the Amish communities. The significance is that the Amish make and use sustainable living products to last a lifetime. They care less about profits and more about durability and value making products that are functional and dependable for living off the grid.

The Amish are also very sustainable green earth friendly people who practice organic growing methods and the use of nontoxic components in the products they make.

10% of the products  at Cottage Craft Works are hand selected from small non-Amish businesses considered as cottage based meaning most of the owners still touch the products from the  conception to shipping.

These products are hard to find and gathered from the back roads through the Midwest where most of the Amish settlements are now into 3rd and 4th generation family businesses.

Amish are well known for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, what many don’t know is that the Amish began to lose the availability of many of the products they depended on to live off the grid when electricity became readily available in the 1930s to rural America.  As more people bought electrified products manufacturers stop making the hand crank and human-powered gadgets.

Then in the late 1950s and early 1960s manufacturing began to move out of the US and into foreign hands.  As competition from discount stores exploded in the 1970s price drove quality down and although the products might look like the originals, they just didn’t perform as well. Later plastics began to drive production cost down even further making the imported products even less desirable to the Amish.

To fill the void the Amish began making their own products and selling them within the Amish communities.

These old fashioned American made products are now being highly sought after by the general public for several factors occurring in our country, the economy and around the world.

Sure, you can easily find Amish made quilts, wooden crafts, and other Amish novelties. Cottage Craft Works, on the other hand, has made it easy to find and purchase the really hard to find Amish gadgets and products.

Some of the most popular items sold through Cottage Craft Works:

Under the Home Goods tab, you will find solid hardwood custom sewing cabinets for both electric and treadle sewing machines. The folding drying racks, laundry tubs, and pulley clotheslines are also frequently purchased.  This is the tab where you will find oil lamps, butane irons, Amish toys and wagons, Amish furniture, and the famous Bachelor Ironing Board Chair.

Under the Farm & Garden tab, hand water well pumps are very popular followed by American-made garden tools, hand pushed garden cultivators, wooden spoke wagons, old-fashioned wheelbarrows,  hobby farm implements, authentic wagon seats, cider-wine presses,  roller egg nesting boxes, reel push mowers, purple martin housing and horse and tack products.

The Kitchen & Food Prep tab is probably the most visited section at Cottage Craft Works. This is where the old time kitchen gadgets, cooking utensils, drip coffee makers, hand crank appliances, mixers, food processors, dough makers, and ice cream makers can be found.

The Amish organically grown grains and stone ground flour just might be the best-kept secret.  The site features both whole and sprouted spelt products. The Amish pioneered non-GMO organic growing methods.  Some believe that Amish grain products reportedly provide better nutritional values over other organically grown grain products.

The USA made stoneware pottery is also very popular especially the blue stripe mixing bowls, crocks and water coolers that may all be ordered with custom colors and personalization. Cottage Craft Works is one of only a few offering a USA made lead and cadmium free water bottle dispensing crock.

The Hunting & Outdoors tab is a hunters and outdoorsman emporium. The Amish handcrafted hunting and game calls is what really started the Cottage Craft Works business.  These beautiful calls are hand tuned to work as well as they look.  They have also become very popular gift items with the available personalization engravings. Many new families have begun at the altar with these calls being given as groomsmen gifts and even bridesmaid gifts. Even a few have used an engraved call as a wedding proposal.

The replacement gun stocks and handcrafted leather and nylon holsters are also very popular.  The Amish crafted wood and glass gun display case is of museum quality. Hard to find gun stocks are available for most of the older model rifles and shotguns even back into the late 1800s.

The American made hunting outerwear and hunting gear is very much reminiscence of the quality found in the early 60s. Hunting coats and bibs are made from the same materials that the legendary Wick Outdoor Works Company once used.

Amish scooter bikes are also very popular for all ages.  The scooters are half bike and half scooter providing a low to the ground foot board for propelling forward using one foot to push and kick back. They provide an amazing workout and are easily ridden by even those unable to ride a standard bicycle any longer.

Amish made Stutzie crank baits may also be a best-kept secret. These baits have been around for a long time but haven’t been widely promoted and marketed by professional syndicated sponsors so, the general public has never heard of them. Truth be told many of the professional anglers have them tucked away in the tackle box because they know when nothing else is working the Stutzie will bring them in.

So kick off your shoes, and use whatever device you have to browse the Internet as Cottage Craft Works completed upgraded to a mobile friendly highly secured website in 2016.  They accept both credit card and PayPal payments.  Your credit card information is never stored on their site. Cottage Craft Works is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They also provide exceptional old-fashioned customer service and actually answer the phone so you will be able to talk to a live and knowledgeable person.