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Water Well Hand Pump

Water Well Hand Pumps, American made since 1886.  Heller Aller deep and shallow well water pumps. Force, pitcher, windmill, deep well pumps and parts.

The oldest and most reliable water well hand pump companies has survived centuries up against modern day electric water well pumps.

These quality water well hand pumps are still being used on ranches and remote off-grid locations across the US and around the World. Paired with an Aermoter windmill the 50L Double Acting Force Pump is still the standard for Western ranchers to keep fresh water available for remote pastures.



Heller Aller Fig-T Brass Cylinder Pitcher Cistern Pump

The Brass Cylinder Fig T and the PHB force pump has been the standard for homesteads since they were first introduced in the 1800s.

Both the 50L double acting deep well and the PHB shallow well pitcher cistern pump allow water to be pumped uphill or up into an overhead water tank for a gravity flow water supply.



Heller Aller 50L Double Acting Force Pump

The 190-A is a set length pump designed for shallow wells and cisterns up to 20’.  They can be used in deeper wells by dropping the cylinder deeper and adding a foot valve.

The 192-A is a cousin to the 190-A specifically designed to be used with a windmill.

Widely used by the Amish communities which in fact rallied to have a company they worked for to purchase the Heller Aller company and molds to keep the pumps and pump parts available for future Amish generations.  These water well pumps remain as popular by non-Amish who are living off the grid or in remote locations for their only water source.

Heller Aller also offers an offset well cap for 6″ well casings so that a hand well pump can be added to an existing well with an operating submersible electric well pump for emergency backup use.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap imported water well pumps, they are made to be more ornamental yard décor instead of a serious main or backup source of a family’s water supply.

Cottage Craft Works an online old-fashioned general store not only features the complete new Heller Aller hand water well pumps they also carry all the repair parts to fit and rebuild old Heller Aller Pumps.  This is rather refreshing as other self-sufficient homestead suppliers only sell you the pumps and don’t seem to be at all interested in customer support or the parts leaving you high and dry when your pump leathers dry out.

Frustrated with having to replace frost proof yard water hydrants every few years? Cottage Craft Works also carries the Amish made 401 water hydrant.  This hydrant has a child and lady friendly operable stainless steel head and lever built to commercial standards.  The hydrant also incorporates a Stainless rod and can be even upgraded to a stainless pipe and foot valve for those areas that have acids in the soil that corrode and deteriorate traditional galvanized and brass valve components.



Amish Made 401 Hydrant