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When it comes to horses, the Amish make and use the highest quality tack, equine oat rollers, crimpers, manure spreaders and Ferrier supplies.

Let’s just say this unique online store specializes in Amish-made equine products to cover from the head to tail and everything equine related in-between.

Cottage Craft Works.com has been providing high-quality Amish made equine products and equipment for over a decade.

Most can quickly find Amish made furniture and quilts online but when it comes to equine equipment most just click and review the popup ads or first well-published links and never really consider or know Amish manufactured high-quality equine products even exists for the non-Amish ranchers.

Compact Manure Spreaders

The Amish E-Z manure spreader is made of the highest quality and heaviest material of any manure spreader on the market.  Just compare the overall weights and you will realize just how heavy duty the Amish are making the E-Z manure spreaders.  Heavier duty web chains, gears, sprockets and thicker metals make the E-Z manure spreaders a longer-term investment at near the same cost of the cheaper made spreaders.

Available online in 25 and 30-bushel compact manure spreader models, Cottage Craft Works can also provide the larger 75-bushel models in either two and four wheel styles.

All E-Z spreaders are ground driven and available in air tire or old-fashioned steel wheeled. E-Z spreaders can be equipped for equine use.  The E-Z spreaders are in use coast to coast in the US and have even shipped down to Australia.

Oat Crimpers

Cottage Craft Works is one of only a couple sources providing oat crimpers, also known as oat rollers, for stable side oat crimping which provides the most nutritional benefits when they are crimped fresh.  The larger CCW #3 crimper can crimp 50 lbs. of oats in just about on minute and will also crack corn and other hard grains like barley for other livestock.

Crimped oats also take less to feed in a day than non-crimped oats making these really a great investment with a short return on investment over buying crimped oats from a feed store.

Just like the Amish made manure spreaders the Amish made oat crimpers as also built well to last over the long haul using heavy duty harden rollers and machine hardware.  Most commonly ordered with an electric motor the oat crimpers can be equipped with a Honda gas engine.

Harness and Harness Pads

From show horses to draft horses Cottage Craft Works has you covered with high-quality Amish made harnesses using BioThane®. Developed in 1977 this tough material provides flexible high-performance harnesses in all types of weather and temperatures where traditional leather harnesses can become a problem.

Amish made horse pads protect the horse at critical rub points where direct horse harness contact can quickly create sores.  Horse harness and collar pads are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and finishes.

These pads are made for hard working show and draft horses.

Farrier Horseshoeing Tools

Cottage Craft Works offers a full line of farrier tools that are both durable but also economical for the large scale and hobby equine ranchers.

These horseshoeing tools were developed and are being imported by a third-generation Amish owned shop with the highest longstanding integrity of providing only quality Ferrier tools to other Amish people.  The concept of selling them to non-Amish as another source was never considered a revenue stream.  This takes away the corporate concepts of making things as cheaply as possible just to market products to the masses for the highest profit margin.

The Amish depend on their horses and farrier tools as their main mode of transportation and means to plant and harvest their crops. They just don’t have time to tolerate inferior tools or equipment.

Cottage Craft Works.com is a full line old fashioned general store located all online for your shopping experience.  It’s like taking a trip back in time where American made quality products and ingenuity were the backbones of the USA.

From A-Z you will find old-fashioned vintage products still being made and used just like they were at the turn of the Century.


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