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Made in America Stoneware Pottery

Made in America Stoneware Pottery. Select from mixing bowls, batter bowls, crocks, butter churns, water coolers, baking dishes, pitcher and bowl sets. personalized-crocks

Old fashioned made in America Stoneware Pottery is still being hand turned and hand painted. Stoneware pottery is dishwasher, oven safe, lead and cadmium free.

The old time blue stripe stoneware is the most popular items from Cottage Craft Works.com however, custom painted colors and personalization is available on all their stoneware pottery making this back-to-basics a popular site for gifts and future family heirlooms.

Cottage Craft Works carries the old-fashioned water coolers and water bottle dispensing crocks which people from all over the country enjoy knowing that it is made in USA without lead or cadmium, a huge concern with imported water drinking crocks.  Areas, where water restrictions and pollution is of concern, are turning back in time to these old-fashioned water crocks.

Cottage Craft Works reproduction stoneware butter churns are so authentic they are being used to recreate the past in living history museums and historical educational parks.

One of the most cherished cooking and baking kitchen wares in most every home at the turn of the century and before was the old fashioned blue stripe mixing bowls.  The 16” mixing bowl was well suited for a large family because it was perfect for mixing bread dough, mixing salads, and even the dressing for the Holidays.  Bowls were made in all sizes making them perfect for all kitchen task including baking in them. The bowls from Cottage Craft Works will take you down memory lane standing in Grandmas kitchen and licking the spoon from her mixing bowl.

Batter bowls were also a very popular baking bowl as they were large enough to make cake, pancake, and scramble egg mixes in the bowl and then easily lift with a large cup like handle and pour directly from the spout.  These old-fashioned reproduction batter bowls are still popular as wedding gifts for the bride who loves to cook from scratch.  Sizes are available in ¼ gallon, ½ gallons, and 1 gallon.

USA Pottery baking dishes are available in many different sizes from a traditional oval casserole dish to a covered New England style pot belly casserole dish.  A taller bean and stew pot are also available specifically designed to enhance steam cooking using less water.

Hard to find water and milk pitchers are also available in different styles and sizes.  The wash basin set is very popular for churches and religious cleansing ceremonies.

You will even find an old-fashioned stoneware bacon grease jar as well as other countertop spoon jars, spoon holders, and other vintage pottery kitchen wares.

Do expect to wait 3-4 weeks for custom and personalized items.  The small family owned shop in Texas that makes all the stoneware pottery for Cottage Craft Works still makes each piece by hand, so plan accordingly for gift ordering.

Cottage Craft Works at www.cottagecraftworks.com is a full line online old fashioned general store chocked full of quality practical wares and goods used during vintage off grid times.

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