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Heavy Duty Homemade Ice Cream Makers, Freezers

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Heavy duty homemade ice cream makers, freezers are still being made in America, built to last just as they were being made in the 50s and 60s.

Serious homemade ice cream lovers and those running a small ice cream business or making ice cream for church socials and other gatherings depend on the USA made brands trusted for years.


At one time White Mountain Freezers were completely USA made and considered the king of the American made ice cream freezer world.

White Mountain simply made the best built in America product that withstood the times for generations despite many other American companies who were also making ice cream freezers in the earlier periods.

Over more recent decades White Mountain has experienced several changes of ownership’s and have struggled somewhat to compete in the discount store chain store market.  In order to do so, they followed the path of other American manufacturers and began using mostly all imported parts.

The White Mountain freezers are still a good economical choice for those who may enjoy making an occasional batch of homemade ice cream over the summer. The improved newer green electric motor and gear assembly is providing significant  reliability over what might be posted out on the Internet regarding some of their older models.

For those needing a more heavy duty ice cream freezer consider the Amish made Country or Immergood Ice Cream Freezers.

Probably one group of people who uses and understand ice cream freezers the most are the Amish. For many Amish families, homemade ice cream is at least a weekly event at home, church, and other socials.

If the Amish begin experiencing problems with a product they will find ways to improve existing products for their own use or manufacture their own long lasting products.

Since the Amish simply build things to last, they really don’t care about corporate profits, market share, or shaving off the cost by using imported parts.  Both the Country and Immergood Ice Cream Freezers were built as an alternative to White Mountain Freezers to use in the Amish communities.  Their durability and popularity have been noticed in the non-Amish world where people are looking for this old-fashioned quality made products.

In comparison to the White Mountain Freezers, the price point for an Amish made ice cream freezer will likely be 15%-25% more in the initial cost depending on the model and features.  However, that cost will be rather obvious when comparing the models side by side

The Country Freezer wooden tubs are still made of white oak just like the oak used to make wine and whiskey barrels. It’s a premium hardwood that is very expensive to buy today. It’s just one statement to the old-fashioned quality material still being used in the Country Freezers.

The bands are also made of stainless steel and feature adjustment screws to tighten the tub staves. This feature is not available on any other freezer wood tub on the market.

This is a rather important feature since wood will shrink and dry out in hot and low humidity climates.

White Mountain and others use a non-adjustable metal wire band that may rust through over the years with the constant exposure to the salt used on the ice.

Immergood uses a double wall poly tub that is filled with insulation to provide a nonleaking tub with the superior cold temperature holding ability for hours after the ice cream has been made. An optional insulated tub lid is also available to hold ice cream for even longer periods.

The stainless tub that spins in the packed ice is also thicker on the Country and Immergood Freezers than other tubs on the market and some of those may not even be made of stainless steel.


The gears on the hand crank freezers are also American made and use harder metals for longer wear. Immergood exclusively uses stainless steel gears on both their 6 qt and 8 qt hand crank freezers.

Since both the Country and the Immergood Freezers have mainly been sold within the Amish communities most have not come across them unless they have visited an actual Amish store or have found them online at a back to basics supplier like Cottage Craft

One of the previous drawbacks of Country Freezers, since they are made by the primarily off-grid Amish, the freezers have only been available in hand crank models for the smaller sizes. Most people want the electric motor, and up until now an electric motor option just was not available.

Country Freezer now makes their own electric motor for the 1 qt-8 qt freezers.  The motors are all USA made in very small quantities which does reflect in the higher price point.  The motor is also reportedly very noisy but is expected to last for a very long time.

Immergood does offer the option of the newer green White Mountain electric motor only on their 6 qt model and has their own motor in development.


Country Freezers makes the only 20 qt freezer on the market. They are sold with a pulley that can be run either by electric or gasoline motors. This size making up to 5 gallons of ice cream at a time is used more for large social events, festivals, or in a commercial setting.


If you grew up in the 50s and 60s or still go to antique tractor shows you may have seen one of these powered by the old hit and miss gasoline motors.

Cottage Craft Works appears to be the only site that carries a direct drive electric motor option for the 20 qt Country Freezer.  They also offer new White Mountain freezers with an optional upgraded American made gears on all the hand crank models as well as replacement tub latches that work like the Immergood Freezers. These conversions and parts are  made in Amish machine shops.

Cottage Craft carries all the Amish ice cream freezers and replacement parts for these ice cream freezer brands.


Homemade Ice Cream Makers, Freezers | Compare the USA made Freezers

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If you’re a serious homemade ice cream family or group you’re probably either frustrated with the cheaply made imported ice cream makers or you have already discovered the huge quality difference between many of imports and the All-American Amish made ice cream freezers.

If not take a look and experience the wide gap in quality ice cream makers to make your homemade ice cream making the experience more enjoyable and frequent.

The imported freezers might just work fine for an occasional once a year family homemade small family ice cream event.  However, with the plastic housings and thinly made tubs and cans now being offered in some of the most deeply discounted promotions they hold no comparison in quality and ice cream yields compared to the Amish made freezers.

Ice cream makers are probably the greatest example of how the discount chains have driven down quality by demanding cheaper wholesale prices from ice cream maker manufacturer.

This is probably also the best example of what you get for what you pay for. Sure, an American made ice cream maker might cost three to four times the cost of an import but seriously, what good is the price when you compare something that may last for just a few annual events to something that can be used weekly for years to come.

These imported models are mostly available to only make small batches because the gears and housings are just not made to make 6 and 8 quarts of homemade ice cream at a time like the Amish freezers are made to do.  Just not an ideal setup if you’re making a lot of ice cream at a family reunion or church ice cream social.

Cottage Craft specializes in the Amish USA made ice cream makers and have become a reliable source for them as well as replacement parts including the new Immergood high efficiency insulated ice cream freezers.  Many other companies will be happy to sell you an Amish ice cream freezer but don’t always provide additional options, parts or the support.

Cottage Craft Works has many different sizes of ice cream makers to meet individual needs from the most popular 6 and 8-quart models available in either hand crank or electric to the 20 qt 5-gallon models available with a pulley or in a self-contained electric model for commercial use.

USA Country ice cream freezers are still made with the old-fashioned white oak stave wooden tub.  They offer heavy duty all American made parts.

USA Immergood ice cream freezers were developed by an Amish company who has combined years of using different ice cream maker experiences to develop their own best of the best ice cream freezer available in 6 and 8-quart models.  According to many, Immergood just might have the greatest ice cream maker, freezer ever made for quality, functionality and value.

Immergood offers an insulated foam filled poly resin  leak proof tub, heavy stainless steel hardware and their own positive tub latch system.  Optional stainless steel tub covers can be used to keep ice cream frozen for hours after it has been made. A great option if you want to make ice cream in advance before a family gathering or a to serve over an extended period of time.

Cottage Craft Works also offers an all stainless steel metal components Immergood hand crank freezers in both the 6 and 8-quart models.  All the metal parts are made of stainless steel including the hand crank gear frame, gears, and triple-action dasher.