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Bicycle Cargo Trailer

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Aluminum bicycle cargo trailers. Enclosed sides, 26” bike tires, seat hitch, 20″ X 30″ X 15″ cargo box. Sports, industry, delivery, island living.

These all aluminum bicycle trailers are built to last.  They will hold the groceries, your gear and with the optional canvas top (large size only) keep everything dry if you get caught in the rain. They are built and used by the Amish who know quality craftsmanship. The Amish communities rely on horse and peddle power for everyday transportation and shopping trips so these carts are built to be a workhorse.


Carts are built from lightweight aluminum. They come with light brackets mounted on the fenders, reflectors, as well as a kickstand and our exclusive rubber donut hitch. Carts can be fastened onto any standard bike seat without an additional hitch or tools just hook and go.

The carts may also be used as a push cart. The handle is at a very comfortable height to walk and push during shopping trips or chores.

The large Cart weighs just 32 lbs and has 26” bike tires. Box measures 32” x 30”x 15” deep and has an optional vinyl cover listed below.

Our small bicycle cargo trailer measures inside 25” x 17-1/4 x 12-1/2 deep, outside measures 28” x 20” and has 20” bike tires.  The trailer is also available in a pet hauler version with a folding top.


Now purchase online at  See many other quality products made by the Amish cottage based industries.