Month: August 2018

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Freezers with John Deere Hit & Miss engines

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These old fashioned ice cream freezers powered by a refurbished John Deere Hit Miss engine will bring nostalgic old time memories back to your next gathering.

Featuring a single or double Amish made Ice Cream Freezer these Ice Cream Wagons are equipped just like the original ones that were used in the old time county fairs and 4th of July celebrations.

The old John Deere Hit and Miss engines were used to power many farm and home appliances before more modern small gas engines were developed and then followed by electric motors.

These wagons are made in an Amish shop and are equipped with the Amish made 20 qt Country Ice Cream Freezer.

Several models are available with rubber or authentic wood spoke wheels. You can even purchase one using a modern compressor for freezing. This provides the nostalgic crowd drawing ice cream maker without the mess of the ice and salt.